Far beyond my expectations. The gift God is letting us borrow.


Stiles and her BFF from New Orleans. They made each other friendship bracelets.


Our oldest daughter turns 15 today and never in a million years would I have been able to dream up the kind of young woman she has come to be.
We face all the normal teenage things like eye rolls and extreme air exhale but when it comes to teens we have it pretty good.

My sweet husband constantly reminds me that if all we have to deal with from our teen is eye rolling then we are doing good.


Stiles and her stepdaddy. We have huge blended family blessings.


This sweet young lady has a heart that is fully focused on God and the works He wants her to do. She effortlessly lights up every room she enters and has a level of compassion that just can’t be measured.

She seriously lacks dance skills and like to sings loudly off-key in the car just to grate our nerves but we love her anyways.

She chose to spend her spring break on a mission trip being the hands and feet of Jesus. All week we got texts from her that broke our hearts wide open and filled us with pride. She gave her heart away so many times on that trip and we cried each time she showed us a picture of her and her new boyfriends.



He asked if he could be her boyfriend and she gladly accepted. Heart of gold.


This precious child is an amazing big sister. She’s the best fort builder in history and should get paid a teacher’s salary for how much school she plays with her sister. My husband and I have taken a back seat to her little brother who she is borderline obsessed with and we are completely fine with that. She actually forces us to go on date nights and offers up her mad babysitting skills free of charge.

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And the best big sister awards goes to….STILES!!


Every night she comes to us and reminds us how much she loves us and every single time by heart skips a beat.

I don’t know why God has such incredible faith in us that he would lend us this precious child to raise but we will never complain.  Our promise to God is to always raise her in His word and teach her that doing for others is what we are called to do. We pray to be examples of unconditional love, true forgiveness and unwavering compassion.  We know our time with her is a gift and we never want to take it for granted.  She’s on borrow from God and we simple want to do our best to honor His gift.

Happy Birthday to our amazing young lady. You are one in a million!