I’ve never fully understood redemtption until my father took his own life.



If you’ve never seen redemption, this is what it looks like.

I’ve never fully understood redemption until my father took his own life. What I thought he stole from us that day turned out to be a gift.
Because he made the choice to leave us behind on that rainy Monday, this precious little girl now lives in my home.

My husband and I have been given the gift of parenting my teenage sister. We’ve been blessed with loving her through her pain and watching as the corners of her mouth gradually sneak up to her cheeks to form a smile.

Her story was set to be told by a very different narrator.
The road she traveled on was rough terrain.

But redemption came that day.

God’s redeeming my story by allowing me to parent her in the absence of our father.
God’s redeeming her story by allowing her to get a daily glimpse of our father through my eyes.

If you’ve never seen redemption, this is what it looks like.

The day I testified against my father in court and how I was taught to stand in the gap.

“Mrs.Curry, isn’t it true that…”

I almost couldn’t believe that I was where I was. Sitting in the witness stand ,while my whole body shook violently, I calmly and honestly answered the question that my very own father presented to me in the middle of his custody hearing for my minor siblings. He represented himself in his custody case. Bad move.

The result of me being on the stand left my father with very little time with my siblings and every second of it supervised. I’m not happy about that but it had to be done. It was my responsiblity to protect them and they needed to be protected from our fathers mental and emotional abuse. It was one of the worst and best things I’ve ever done. After so many years of torture from my father, I was happy to take the chance away from him to do it to my siblings but he was still my dad and watching him struggle broke my heart.

The hardest part was the gap it left for the kids.

Growing up, I had the same gap.

My father was an abuser on many levels. Even though he never laid a hand on us, the mind games were just as painful. Those mind games and his in and out presence in my life left a gap. A gap where a father was supposed to be. A huge gap that presented pain and heartache that I would have otherwise never known.

But my life has been full of strong people and unbelievable blessings. I’ve always had people who have stepped in and stood in the gap.

My mom worked tirelessly to provide financially. She showed up at every school event. She made sure I was always smiling and did her best to keep me on the right track.She made sure I was a responsible person, had a good work ethic and was kind and compassionate.

She stood in the gap.

My brother made sure to do the things a father should have done.. He changed the oil in my truck, rebuilt the engine, changed the brake pads and more. He threw the hammer down on me when I was out of line and reminded me to stand up for myself in all circumstances. He comforted me through my pain on more than one occasion and stood up for me daily. He taught me how to be tough, helpful and funny

He stood in the gap.

I’ve been blessed with people who stand in the gap for me. People who stand in the gap of my father’s absence. People who show up and do whatever it takes to make sure I’m not only okay but that I thrive in life. People who pray for me when I’m too hurt to whisper my own prayers.

Now it’s my turn to stand in the gap where my father should be.


My husband and I will stand in the gap for my 16-year-old sister and welcome her into our home as one of our own. We’ve made a promise to God that we will do our best to be an example of compassion and grace. We will do our best to provide tough love and discipline. We will insist that she just be kid and only have the responsibilities a child should have and nothing more.

We will have the discipline to stand in the gap.

We will provide dinner every night at 6 and breakfast every morning at 6:30.
We will provide a quiet place to do her homework and a safe place to sleep.
We will provide a guaranteed ride to school and promise to be waiting outside when the last bell rings.
We will provide smiles and hugs on a daily basis and firm words when needed.


We will have the courage to stand in the gap.

We are family. This is what we are called to do. If only for the blink of an eye, a moment in time, we will be a solid rock for her to lean on.

We will have the strength to stand in the gap.

When she crumbles in sadness over our dad’s suicide, we will pull everything from us to remind her of the love he had for her and the love she has now through our family. When she cries for what has been stolen from her childhood, we will find a way to ease the pain. When she stumbles on the stones thrown in front of her, we will reach out our hands to catch her fall.

We will have the dedication to stand in the gap.

I had brave people in my life that, in all circumstance, stood bravely in the gap for me. Today I pray that we have what they had and can be brave enough to stand in the gap for my little sister.

We will stand in the gap.


Beautiful Feet

My sister-in-law is our guest writer today. I can’t believe she trusted me enough to send this over and think that I wouldn’t mess with her. It took everything out of me but I didn’t. I love to tease her but when it comes down to it, I admire her love for Christ and adore her charm. Take to away Melissa.

Hello sweet friends!
As I am preparing to embark on a 2 year overseas-missionary adventure I have found myself sitting with people to invite them along on my journey. Without fail I talk about having dreams planted in my heart from a young age to be a missionary and later growing into my convictions as a teenager. Later as I went on short-term mission trips to Mexico and Romania, I knew that this was something I could see myself doing. I’ve always been the bleeding heart type and my decision to take the Gospel out of America was not rash or completely unexpected.
Fear got in the way of those dreams after I graduated high school. I spent years trying to do what my friends were doing, and trying to muster a desire for things I “should” want – a guy, marriage, babies, etc. Those are good things, don’t get me wrong, but God chose to wire me a bit differently. My desire to go has usually overshadowed everything else. At the same time, I was burdened with insecurities about my introvertedness and fear about the uncertainty that missionary life entails. After a particular year of really committing to a relationship and the idea of settling down, I found myself depressed and walking through the hardest season of life to date. I felt conflicted. It was so difficult to articulate that I couldn’t be tethered because of this innate feeling that I still had to “go.” I couldn’t give the poor guy a better reason to wait to get married besides this gut feeling that I needed to be free to do that. (Sidenote: totally learned a lesson there-“freedom” should probably not be something to yearn for in a relationship. End aside.) It was as if I had been digging my feet in like Jonah and running the opposite direction by refusing to go. I didn’t get swallowed by a fish, but all of the people and places I had been wrapping my identity in were completely stripped away.
Back at square one, I started off the next year by hearing a sassy lil Australian named Christine Caine speak about human trafficking at the Passion Conference. I was numbed by horrifying statistics and overwhelmed with the fact that 27 million people are being held captive in slavery- more than any other time in history! The faces of the precious people who had been rescued from oppression and now telling their stories so that others might be free, too, were seared into my brain and kept me awake at night. Instead of running away from such a horrific topic, I dove in and read all that I could. I prayed for them every day and told anyone who would listen. I read books like “7,” and “The Good News About Injustice,” finding that the Lord was doing work to carve out room in my heart for the joy that is found in being a voice for the voiceless.
It wasn’t until I later took The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class that I received the much-needed biblical framework for God’s heart for missions. Taught by current and former missionaries, the class helped in showing the Bible as a cohesive unit rather than a series of unrelated stories. This starts in the Old Testament with the Lord consistently using the nation of Israel as His megaphone to rouse a deaf world and culminating in His sending of Jesus whose last words to His disciples were to go. Our God has always (rightfully,) been concerned about His name and fame reaching the world, accomplished by His people, with His power.
The artist formerly known as Saul gives the reason for going and sharing this way:

“I think that all things are worth nothing compared with the greatness of knowing Jesus. Because of him, I have lost all things, and now I know they are worthless trash. This allows me to have Christ.”

Jesus is the reward. Everything else is dim compared to the beauty and power of our God rescuing us. As believers we get to anchor ourselves in the faithful character of a God who never lets go. But there are still people who spend their days prostrating themselves and chanting prayers to little gods who will never hear them. They are teaching their children to worship idols who will not hear their cries and cannot deliver them from the darkness. They sacrifice their daughters to be temple prostitutes not because they reject what Jesus has to offer, but because no follower of Jesus has told them that they are free from that.
When two instructors from a ministry called Beautiful Feet came to Perspectives, there was something about their mission of reaching those that had never heard the Gospel that resonated with me. Upon further speaking with them and finding that they have a team working with victims of human trafficking, I saw the pieces come together as only God can do. After more research, I applied for their program and was accepted for training that will start in July!
People have asked me why I don’t just stay here and continue to pursue missions and justice in America. They have tried to dissuade me with horror stories about living overseas and have wondered if I have my head in the clouds and truly realize what I’d be getting myself into.

“There are human trafficking victims here in the States!”

“There are lost people here, too!”

And my favorite super encouraging words from my boss- “They’ll kill you! I watched a documentary about it.”

My response:

“Let me ask you something: Are you staying here? Yes? Great! Then you get to do work with all of those people you just mentioned who don’t know about Jesus! Because we are all called to live on mission. *drop mic* Ahler out.”

My other, less facetious response is that America already has plenty of workers. Easter Sunday volunteering with the 5 year olds made that very clear as they could tell me, in great detail, the story of Jesus’ resurrection. I rejoiced that those little honeys get to grow up in an environment where the story of Jesus is such a natural thing! But then I cried in my car for the people lighting candles and burning incense to gods that have no power to love them and most certainly didn’t create them or die for them.
I’ll admit that I’ve been tempted by some opportunities that would keep me here, but the truth that there are still so many that just haven’t heard spurs me on. I’m going because when we sing songs about Jesus being the “hope of nations,” I’m hyper aware that there still entire villages who do not have one follower of Jesus who has ventured to go and shine their light. They cannot hope in someone they’ve never heard of and they will not hear unless someone goes and tells them. Fears and insecurities didn’t stand a chance in light of the Living God who “hems me in, behind and before” (Ps. 149:5.) Now I find myself in place of being unattached, willing, and able to go! What a sweet season to live for Him in such an undistracted way.
So when I ask people for their support, I ask them not for myself, but because of His heart for all peoples, tribes, and tongues. I want to be doing what my God is doing. I want my heart to be aligned with His and the things He cares about. I want to rescue others because I have been rescued. I want to pursue justice because He is a God who will stand for nothing less. We have been given the power to destroy death and I will spend my days running toward the gates of Hell and freeing slaves because my God has the power to save.
Will you join me?
Melissa is currently preparing for cross-cultural missions through the Beautiful Feet Missionary Training Institute. After ten months of training, (half in Oklahoma City, half overseas,) she will embark on a 2 year journey to take the Gospel to unreached people groups. She has a passion for creativity, justice, and missions. You can read her blog here: http://www.ahoneybeeme.blogspot.com.
For more info on Beautiful Feet: http://www.beautifulfeet.us
For more info on Perspectives: http://www.perspectives.org



I have a confession.

I cry.


I know they say that time heals all wounds but I don’t believe them, whoever “they” are.

Rinse and Repeat and Repeat and Repeat

I repeat the eulogy that I said at my dads funeral every single day and every single day I cry about it.

Every single day.

I have it memorized down to each word. When I start saying it in my head I try to make myself stop. Sometimes I stop after the first few sentences but I always start it over again, always. No matter how hard I try to stop I always say it to the very end. That’s the hardest part, the end.

I don’t know why I do it to myself.

Yesterday morning while I was taking a shower I started it, “My dad wore Levi jeans….”. By the time I had washed, rinsed and repeated, I had finished the eulogy and was reduce to a sobbing mess.

Not For Me

I never missed him while he was here. I took for granted the good times that I had with him and I never had the desire to see him, ever. Two years before he took his life  his sister died suddenly. Her funeral was the last time I ever saw him.

I didn’t even make eye contact with him that day.

The truth is, I wouldn’t do anything differently if he was here today.

He wasn’t good.
He wasn’t honest.
He wasn’t loyal.
He didn’t know how to be a good father to me or my siblings.

I hold that grudge, not for me but for my little 13 year old sister. She’s only 13.  She’s just a little girl and her daddy took his life. I can’t seem to forgive him for that but I can’t help but to be completely heartbroken for him either

Two Little Girls

My oldest daughter is 12 and has two dads, her daddy and her step-daddy. Both men would lay their lives down for her. Both men adore her and remind her daily how much worth she holds. They help her with her homework, they hang out with her, they tell her every day how much they love her.

How is that fair to my sister?

I don’t want to take a single thing away from my daughter and I want to give everything to my sister at the same time. I want my daughter to know how blessed she is and I want to show my sister  how much worth she holds.  She is more than precious jewels, they both are.

God’s Plan

I used to wonder if my dad thought about me, my sister and our three brothers right before he took his own life. Now I don’t care if he didn’t think about us at all, instead I pray that he truly knew God and that he was thinking about Him.

I know that when my dad met my Father He didn’t say “well done good and faithful servant, well done” but I know that He did tell my dad that He loved him no matter what and that he was finally home and safe.

My heavenly Father’s heart breaks each time I start the eulogy, He almost can’t make it to the end. He wants me to stop and not start over like I always do. He can’t stand to hear me say it. It’s simply not His plan for me.

I know that God has a plan, a plan for me, for you, for everyone. He had a plan for my dad and He has one for my little sister. I also know that it is not in His plan for me to torture myself with guilt, grudges or that eulogy, those are earthly things and not of His kingdom.

Are you repeating the eulogy every day in an effort to torture yourself with the guilt and to hold on to the grudge?

It’s not what our Father wants for you. He loves you with a passion that we can’t put to words. His plan for you far exceeds anything that we could ever write for ourselves. He wants you to let it go and stop repeating it.

He doesn’t want your heart to be broken. He doesn’t want to watch you cry. He doesn’t want to hear the eulogy.

All we can do is pray that He takes it away. All we can do is pray that maybe “they” are right and that time heals all wounds. And then we just need to give it over to God and have faith in His plan.

Let’s Pray

Merciful Father please take it away. I’m only human and I don’t know how to let it go. I am weak but You are strong so take the weight of it off of my shoulders and carry it for me. I can’t do it anymore. Next time you hear me say “My dad wore Levi jean…” fill my head with thoughts of Your glory and fill my heart with your mercy and grace. Remind me that some how, in some way, it’s all part of your plan. In Jesus name, amen.

My little sister is hilarious and highly inappropriate at all the wrong times. She has a smart mouth and quick whit. She changes her hair color more than she changes her clothes. She has her own sense of style and it is completely off the wall. She can make me laugh with a simple glance and she knows what I’m going to say before I even open my mouth. She can out talk the most clever of people. All of that makes me completely in love with her and scared to death at the same time. It’s like I’m looking in a mirror.

Who Wants My Stuff?!

My sister is crazy

Today’s blog has nothing to do with her, I just wanted to throw that out there. I’m kidding of course. Not the part about her being crazy, that’s totally true, but about my blog not being about her.

We talk no less than 7 times a day and really never have anything new to say. Last night she text me a picture of a baby that she took pictures of the other day.

She’s not a creepy lady who takes random pictures of babies, she’s a photographer. Well, she’s a photographer, sales rep, teacher, bartender, a doctor (thanks WebMD) and the list goes on and on. I never know what her new job is going to be.

Anyways, she text me a picture of the baby and this is what followed.

Her :Look at this little angel, so sweet right?
Me :Who is that sweet little baby. Can I have it?
Her :Probably, I’ll call her tomorrow and ask. I shot her today. Love saying that
Me : Good, I’ll go get a blanket and some baby soap. That’s all I need right?..I love it when you shoot people
Her : Yep, got a bottle? And some Big Red should be fine.
Me :Babies LOVE big red! No bottles but I can just soak a sponge and let her suck on it
Her : An old sponge, she’ll never know the difference.

It went on for another hour but got to an inappropriate level so I’ll just leave you with that.

She’s a nut.

Yesterday she called me with her latest and greatest idea of selling off her belongings, including her home, and moving to a small town near by. It would be perfect for raising her chickens, yep she has chickens. She was going to move and live off the fat of the land, send her kids to small town schools, take care of everyone and their grandma (literally) and I believe she said something about becoming a cheerleader.

She’s the most grounded unstable person I know.

As we were talking we got on a tangent about doing whatever we want. Why don’t we just do what we want to do instead of what society thinks we should do?

Both of us come up with a new life changing adventure every few weeks. But really, why don’t we do what we want?

My friend packed up her family and moved to Nicaragua to do missionary work. That takes guts.

My other friend quit her extremely stable job, moved to a small town and started a dance studio. That takes confidence.

I want to empty our house. I want to give away all the “things” that seem so insignificant. I’m looking around at all the silly things that we spent actual money on.

Here’s the small list: An OU Fathead helmet (don’t ask), an antique key that hangs on the doorknob of our door headboard, three tiny milk jugs that have Live Laugh Love written on them, countless books, vinyl stickers on the walls with cute sayings, a welcome sign with The Curry’s painted on it. I could go on and on.

Did we really spend money on all of this?

There are children going to sleep hungry tonight and I’m buying welcome signs for my house. Sick.

My Job & then my passion

Then there’s my job. It’s a great job with great benefits and an amazing schedule. I am responsible for helping support many little people and making sure that they have food in their tummies.

I sell food for a living but the job does nothing to feed my soul.

I want to run this ministry full time. I want to write a book (I seriously just heard my English major smart friends gasp). I want to travel and speak to women’s groups. I want to open a little boutique/bakery and have sweet women come in there and worship our Savior while they make their own Leave It At The Cross canvas.

Why do I fear going for it? I know for a fact that God will provide no matter what. I know that all these possessions that cluster up in my home mean nothing. I know that I want to do something with my life that my children will be proud of, that my husband will admire and that will help other people.

Jesus had the clothes on his back and the sandals on his feet. That’s it. His life’s work was to minister, heal and lead. I always say that I want to be more like Him and less like me.

So what the heck am I doing? Are you living a life that fills your soul and feeds your faith?

I get that we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed and our jobs are a necessity but what about the other hours in your day? Are you using every second to glorify God, to help those in need, to minister, to bless, to grow His kingdom?

I’m not. I’m a slacker.

I’m excited that the kids bible study starts back up next month so that will give me more time in the ministry but its 2 hours a week and that’s just not enough.

I’m going for it! I’m going to give 110%. Who’s in?

Let’s pray

“Awesome Father take away our fears and reservations and help us to be all in. Remind us each day that You will provide and that Your provisions are enough. Take away our need to fill our lives with stuff. Empty us completely so that there will be room for You to fill us back up with our needs and Your blessings. Help us to walk away from the things that take away from our time with You and push us gently in to the things that help us to glorify You.

In Jesus name, Amen”.

If I give away all of our belongings and quit my job, I can always move out to my sisters and eat chicken and eggs from her make shift farm.

Sister In Christ

Some of my friends from highschool got together this weekend to do a vendor event. There was about 7 of us and we all set up our little booths with whatever it is each of us was selling. We had jewelry, makeup, tutus, wickless candles, bags, jeans and crosses. My generous friend opened her beautiful home to all of us and set up a yummy spread of food. We also had some wine and some mocktail. The best part of the night didn’t have anything to do with any of that. The best part was that we got to hang out, share stories about our families, laugh and share our faith. This group of women is amazing. On Friday we were standing around the food, chit chatting and waiting for our guest to arrive one of our friends from school came in. I haven’t seen her in years and didn’t think that she would remember me or even know who I was. She came in and said hi to a few of the girls and then saw me standing there. I have not had a greeting like hers in a very long time. She acted like we hung out everyday. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a genuine hug, I seriously had to make myself not tear up. I was happy and shocked at the same time. In my eyes, I was just some girl that went to her school at some point, I never thought that she would put her arms around me. We sat down together and gave each other several of our testimonies. I could have told her anything and everything that I have done or been through in my life. I know that without a doubt God sent her to me that night. I have women in my life that are my sisters in Christ, women that I am with all the time and that eventually we started referring to each other as sister. I had an instant connection with each of those women. This is the first time in a long time that the second I saw someone I wanted to tell them that I love them. Maybe it sounds like a little much or a little mushy or a little weird, that’s okay, it was God doing His work. God has perfect plans. I spent the majority of my life rebelling against Him. When I finally gave my life to Him, He started putting these amazing women in my life. I cant believe that I have know this woman for so many years and really knew nothing about her. I could tell you her eye color, hair color, height and that she is hilarious but until this weekend I had no idea of her struggles or where her heart is. Why do we do that? Why do we hide so many things in our life out of fear. When we are brave enough to open up and share, it is amazing how other people will relate, comfort and encourage us. When my friend and I were talking about this very thing she said we all seem to put our game face on and basically enter battle. But we don’t have to. We all have struggles, we all have highs and lows and we have all fallen short of Gods glory. None of us will ever measure up to Jesus and none of us will ever be without sin. So why don’t we stand together and for each other. Why don’t we share our testimonies so that we can help each other and possibly save each other. Its our responsibility to tell people what they can have with God and we cant do that without opening up and reveling that, in spite of the dirt that is on us, God still loves us and washes us clean as snow. Its true. I promise!. If I had not given my life to Christ years ago, my friend and I would have sat there and talked about how I have kids in bulk like I’m shopping at Costco or how she has to deal with a wild herd of teenagers every day but we would have never embraced each other at the end of the night and told each other how much we love each other. I want that with everyone. I want to call each and every one of you my brother or sister in Christ. If you have given your life to Christ then reach out to your brothers and sisters and share yourself, share yourself with anyone that will listen because you never know who you are going to touch. If you haven’t given your life to Christ them call me, write me a letter, email me, send up smoke signals, I don’t care how you reach me just do it so that I can tell you how amazing it is to be His daughter and to have an endless amount of brothers and sisters. If you don’t want to talk to me, talk to someone who knows God personally. I have tons of sisters and brothers waiting to be with you,waiting to love on you, waiting to stand up for you, waiting to tell you how much they love you. Whew, I think I’m breaking a sweat here! Lets pray “Heavenly Father thank you for the sweet surprises that You put in to our lives when we least expect it. I am in awe of how amazing You are and amazed at the gifts that You have waiting for us to accept. Help me to be a role model and example to anyone that sees me or hears me. Teach me how to talk to people who don’t know You or haven’t given themselves to You. In sweet sweet Jesus name, amen”. My mind is still racing today over what my dear friend shared with me this weekend. I feel privileged, blessed, and lucky that she would take that time to talk to me and be trusting enough to tell me her stories. All my life I have always felt like someone that people wouldn’t necessarily open up to and trust. My friend proved me wrong and will probably never know what this weekend meant to my faith. God is good. This is something that I know for sure. My friend and I just became friends on facebook last night. I went to look at her wall and much to my surprise she had reposted almost all of the posts from this W3 site. I had no idea that she was reading or sharing what I was writing. It has been one of the most humbling experience of my life. I told her that I was definitely going to be writing about her but I promised not to use her name. You know who you are sweet sister. I love you

2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits A Dollar!

When I had my first daughter I was already in the process of a divorce. Blame it on hormones but it was happening. I truly adore her daddy and we have a wonderful relationship but at the time we did not need to be together. I know, total contradiction to yesterdays post. I filed for divorce when I was 6 months pregnant, did I mention the hormones? When my daughter was born we lived with my oldest brother. Poor guy. He quickly decided to never get married or have children. Maybe is was the time that my daughter took off her stinky diaper and wiped in on the crib, that might have pushed him over the edge. He was a free spirit. My best friend of several years also quickly decided that she was not going to get married or have children. She claimed the title “Tia” and said that she was just going to be my daughters crazy Tia forever. I guess you could say that I ruined the dream of family life for either one of them. My best friend would literally call me in the middle of the night (yes, while I was running on zero hours of sleep because of an infant) just to let me know she was out having a blast. She once showed up at my house at 2am, woke me up and told me to teach her some cheerleading moves. The sad thing is, I did it. She did her best “2 bits, 4 bits” in my yard at about 3am as loud as she could. Then in a weird twist, she started to ask me if she could babysit for me. She would pretend that she was doing me a favor. At that time my brother started staying home more often. On the nights that my best friend would babysit, my brother would conveniently not have anything to do either. Oh, they thought that they were fooling me. They weren’t. I was taking advantage of the situation, playing dumb and getting some much needed me time. Then came the inevitable…they were an item. I remember the day that my brother called and said “Well, I guess she is going to be your sister.”. Some of the sweetest words I’ve ever heard him say. The same little girl that they used to spend time together stood next to them in their wedding. She was there for the birth of all of my children and I was there for the birth of hers. My best friends children are my niece and nephew. Perfect. She is still Tia, just not the Tia that she thought she was going to be. Instead she is a housewife, the best aunt ever, an amazing wife, a talented woman and the best sister a girl could ask for. Now try to tell me that Gods plans aren’t perfect. That He doesn’t have perfect timing. Just when you think that you are going to be the crazy single Tia for the rest of your life God puts a blessing smack dab in the middle of your path. My brother was made for her. God has been forming him into the man that she needs. He has also been forming her heart to be my brothers wife and the mommy to my wonderful niece and nephew. He is still working on them, just like He is working on all of us. He is never finished, always paving a path, washing us clean as snow and preparing wonderful blessings for us. Its His will not ours. Its time to surrender to it. Surrender to Him. If you think that you are going to be the crazy aunt for the rest of your life be prepared for some amazing surprise. Let pray “Sweet Father, thank you for putting us on the path that You have for us instead of letting us wonder on the path we want. Help me to open my eyes to what You have in store for me and help me to follow your will. I want to fully surrender myself to You. In sweet Jesus name, amen.” One of my favorite things to see is when we show up at my brother and sisters house and my girls run to them as fast as they can and wrap their little arms around them screaming out their names. They are my little girls two favorite people and dont tell them this but, they are my favorite people too.