All The Single Ladies, All The Single Ladies…..

Everyone please give a round of applause to our sweet sister Renee who bravely wrote for W3 today. Take it away Renee…

A Perfect Match

Match, eHarmony, Zooks, and even Christian Singles, I have done them all! I could very well have at least a full winter wardrobe with the money I have spent!

I’m hoping that some of you ladies can relate and I am not a lonely penguin in an icy sea!

The thing is I am a women who has been in a few long relationships but in the end still single. I have lived most of my life wondering what it was that I must be doing wrong.

What’s Wrong With Me!

Do I get boring after a while?

Do I ask too much?

As I have gotten older I have gain some weight, is that it??

Am I too predictable?

Is my cooking horrible?

Is my family too difficult to get along with?

Am I too independent?

Match Me!

I figured if anything these on-line dating sites would give me the answer. Each sites questionnaire takes about an hour maybe longer. I was guaranteed to be matched with the perfect one!

Well I was not a match for any man.

Sometimes days would go by and no match. Or worse I would get a match that was completely off the wall!! I was really convinced that I was going to be alone forever.

By no means am I taking away from those who have found love on these sites! I actually know several couples that are extremely happy! But it just was not for me.

I shared my frustration with close friends and after analyzing it all, like we women do, we realized one thing, the most important thing that I had missed.

I was missing God in my quest.

My Perfect Match

He already knows my perfect match. All I need to do is trust Him.

I did not need to put myself out there to be picked. God has already picked for me!

He has not promised when or how, but because I believe, because I have laid this in His hands, I will wait as long as it takes. God WILL send me a loving, Christian man who will love me as He so loved His son, and boy am I excited!

So ladies if you are single and you question every day why you are alone…remember your not. God is there and He will bring you earthly love!

Let’s Pray

Gracious Father thank you for never leaving us. Help us to rest in You and have faith in your plans for us. Comfort us when we feel like we are alone and remind us that you are here.  When we are chasing the things that we want gentle remind us that you have already paved our path for us and all we need to do is have faith in you.

Did you know that penguins mate for life?? I can’t wait to meet my penguin!

“Wanna Go Around”

“Want to go with me?”

When I was in middle school boys used to asked girls to “go with them” or “go around with them” which really meant that they wanted the girl to be their girlfriend.

We never really went anywhere.

My dad was relentless in teasing me about this. He always wanted to know where we were going to go or what we were going to go around. I never had a real answer. I had the same crush from 4th grade until I was a sophomore and we were “going around” for much of that time.

We never physically went anywhere.

Any time the girls found out that one of the boys was going to ask a girl to go with them we would start buzzing like little bees. The boy would ask the girl out and that was the end of it. We never really even hung out or talked to the new boyfriend after that.

Times are changing

My oldest daughter is now at the same middle school I was when we started going around. It’s just not the same anymore. She comes home and tells me stories that make my eyeballs pop out.

The boys aren’t just asking the girls to “go around” anymore. A boy asked my daughter to be his girlfriend last year and she told him no. She said that they were just going to have to break up at some point and that would be awkward so why even do it in the first place.

Score one for mom and dad!

If you have little kids,  start talking to them now about the birds and the bees and everything in between or else someone else will. I have been brutally honest with my daughter about all of this since day one so we really never have an issue but it is crazy what the kids are talking about these days.

We are blessed that our daughter comes home every day and gives us every single detail about what happened, what was said and who did what at school. There’s nothing like having a kid with a motor mouth.

Some of the things that she tells us are very sad.

Oh I wish the boys were still just asking the girls to go around. I wish that the girls knew exactly what Christ wants for them and that the boys respected it. I wish the boys knew exactly what Christ created them to be and the girls where submissive to His word.

Jesus pursues us relentlessly and makes it very clear what He wants from us. He wants all of us. He wants us to completely surrender to Him and let Him live through us.


l am so thankful that Jesus doesn’t leave us at “want to go with me?”

I’m so grateful that once He asks us to be His, He doesn’t walk away and go hang out with His buddies.

When we say yes to Jesus, He is all in. He doesn’t ask you to be His and then leaves you or is too shy to talk to you. He wants to consume your every thought. He wants to be our first love and if anyone wants to find us and pursue us, they must first go through Him.

My daughter wears a ring that reads “I will wait for my beloved.”

Let’s Talk About Sex

We often talk about how wonderful sex is and how God designed it to be an amazing experience.

Sex is a gift from God.

We have abused and misused that gift. We have not held that gift to the standards that we should. Sex was designed for a husband and wife so that we can be one and so that we can be fruitful and multiple.

My daughter knows that God has already picked out her husband and crafted him to be a perfect fit for her. She knows that sex with him will one day be one of her greatest gifts but she must save it for him.

She is already learning to respect a man that she hasn’t met. She is already learning to be submissive to him and to cherish herself for him.

She will not settle for a man that pursues her, gets her and then walks away from her. Her standards for a husband are a reflection of her love and respect for Jesus and she wont settle for anything less.

Don’t Settle

Have we been settling for less? Have we been settling? We don’t have to.

I’m not just talking about sex, marriage or dating, I’m talking about Gods promise and design for us. I’m talking about letting Him live through us every day and the reward we receive because of it. I’m talking about saying no when the devil wants to date you, use you, entice you and make you stray from the one who truly loves you.

It’s hard to hold on to something that we can’t see but that’s what faith is. God has something wonderful in store for you, don’t ruin it before it gets to you. Be still and wait, it’s coming in His time and that is the best time.

Let’s pray

Gracious Father thank you for putting blessings in our lives when you know we are ready instead of when we think that we are ready. Watch over our younger generation and help them to hold tight to the belief in Your gift for them. Keep the devil far from them. Remind them that You have the perfect design for them and help them to respect the one that You have picked out for them. Remind us to not settle for anything less than Your perfect gift and that waiting for Your gift will be one of our greatest rewards.

In Jesus name, Amen.

The purity ring that my daughter wears is getting a little and she said she might need a new one. I think that I might let it get so tight that she can never take it off. That’s good parenting, right?