Shattered glass and baby proofing.

Today I’m over at Reveal Ministry talking about baby proofing and shattered glass.

“It could be so many different things that leave us shattered, believing we can never be whole again. Our cracks never look like anyone else’s and we feel alone. There’s a silence in thinking no one could possibly understand the pain you have from your own shattered glass. Their feet aren’t bleeding from walking on the sharp-edged shards.”

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Cast Your Fears


I’m broken

When I was about 13 I broke my arm. My friends and I were literally getting in the car for our 8th grade trip to Port Aransas for Spring Break and my mom thought it was a good idea for me to show my friends the back handspring that I just learned a few days before.

Needless to say it was a fail and we spent the next hour in the med clinic. Since I had the beach in my near future I asked not to have a cast put on, it just wouldn’t work well in the ocean.

I’m not sure why my mom agreed to that but off we went with just a splint. I toughed it out but slept sitting up in a chair to avoid my friends accidentally hitting my arm during the night. I also swam in the ocean with my arm held high in the air.

A cast was put on right when we got home and I milked it for everything I could.

I chose to really play it up and use it as an excuse to avoid as much cleaning and school work as I could.

It worked.

15 years later  I was in Mexico for my best friends wedding. The same best friend who was on the trip to the coast when I broke my arm.

The first night that we were there her brother threw me in the pool  not knowing that there was a dance platform in the deep end that was only 6 inches deep.

I broke both my arms at the same time.

This time was very different from the last. I was a single mother to a 3 year old, had a full time job plus a house and bills. Milking it was not an option.

I once again refused to have casts put on my arms. There was no way that I could care for my daughter and work with casts on. I went with the splints again.

He fixed me

It’s funny how the same situation can force you to make two different decisions depending on the season of your life. When I didn’t have God in my life my decisions were very selfish. I would take and trial or test and make it my crutch.

I would use it to my benefit and to get what I wanted. I would use it as an excuse for my actions.

When my life changed and was fully focused on God I began using my test as motivation.

Now that God is in my life it is my responsibility to Him to use the tests that He gives me as my testimony to minister to others and keep my eyes fully focus on Him.

Much like I had to “man up” when I came home from Mexico with two broken arms, a child and a full time job, I now have to “man up” when I am tested spiritually and use it for Gods purpose.

God puts these test in our lives to help us grow. It might not always feel that way but Gods plan is always good and He wants the most wonderful things for you.

If being a christian was easy, everyone would be doing it.

It’s a full time job and we owe it to our CEO to honor and respect His plan. There’s a reason He is in charge.

Lets Pray

“God give me the knowledge and strength to recognize your tests and trials and show me how to use them for good. I know that you are always with me. Thank you for not only the blessings that you give but the trials that you give to help us grow. Help us learn how to turn our tests into testimonies and our mess into our message. In your unmatchable name, amen”.

I have some advice to give. First, if you are an amateur gymnast, do not try to show off your “skills” for your friends right before a fun trip. It ruins the party. Second, if you are the only person standing at your best friends side while she marries, do not play the fake out “I’m going to throw you in the pool” game. It ruins the wedding. My sweet best friend smiled the entire wedding while I stood next to her in my fancy dress adorned with two ugly arm splints.