There’s A Blue Rocking Chair. Building your relationships on shifting sand.

By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. If any man builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man’s work. 1 Corinthians 10-13

You Built What?

My husband loves to build stuff out of wood. He has a “man shed” in our back yard and can spend hours in there.

The man shed has a pink Barbie Jeep in it but we won’t go there.

He has it wired so that he can listen to music or watch football while he sands, drills, saws and hammers away at anything that he can get his hands on.

I love on Saturdays when I can hear his music each time the saw pauses. Our girls are constantly in and out of that shed checking out what he is building and seeing if it is for them. He always lets them join in and hammer a few nails.

He never goes out and buys a bunch of wood from Home Depot. He prefers to reuse stuff he finds or rebuild something that is broken. He completely refurbished the radio flyer wagon that he and his brother used as kids. I love to see our girls use it.

One day after he had spent the majority of the day out in his shed he called me out there to see his latest redo. He had pulled out a bunch of random, worn, withered wood that was stored under the shed and made a rocking chair. I was super confused.

Me: What’s that?
Him: A rocking chair.
Me: Ya I know but how did you do that?
Him: I don’t know, I just made it. Sit in it.
Me: Did you follow some sort of instructions?
Him: No, I just made it.
Me: Well its beautiful but I’m not sitting in it.
Him: Me neither.

It was beautiful. He had even painted it blue, but neither one of us was brave enough to actually try it out.

Wood work is his hobby not his profession. He didn’t have a master wood worker instructing him on how to make the chair so that it would be beautiful AND sturdy. We settled on it being beautiful and left it as more of a piece of art than a functioning piece of furniture.

The same thing once happened with out marriage.

We spent years building a marriage. We put hard work into it. We managed to maintain our home, work our jobs, raise our kids and every once in a while when the saw stopped, you could hear our music.

Moments of the music weren’t enough to make us dance.

The saw became louder and longer and the music became less and less. We created what looked like a beautiful foundation but we both knew that it wasn’t sturdy enough to bear the weight that we were putting on it.

We thought that we could create our family master piece without the instruction manual. We thought that we could build a life without our Master Creator. We never sat in that blue rocking chair but we did rock the weak base of our marriage and it crumbled into scrap wood.

God was sitting on our front porch shaking His headed waiting for us to invite Him in.

The rebuilding

When we were standing there staring at the pile of rubble that we had created we knew we had to make a choice. We could light it on fire and call it a loss or we could pick up the instructions and rebuild.

We picked up our bibles and invited God to be the Master of our marriage.
He became our shed, our saw, our drill, our sander and our nails. He carefully rebuilt us with patience and precision. He used new, fresh materials and got rid of the wilted, weathered wood. He made sure that He built our foundation to be unshakable. He made our walls sturdy and strong and then carefully put on a roof that could withstand the harshest storm.

When He was done He signed His name on it and claimed it as His master piece.

The devil was out of luck and had to walk away from a place that he used to love.

We must build our lives on the foundation that God has laid for us. I’m not just talking about our marriages. God must be the foundation for our friendships. He must be the foundation for our jobs and our hobbies. Our children should be secure in the fact that their lives started on the sturdy ground of our Savior. If you are dealing with an ex-spouse, a teacher, a boss or a student make sure that you allow God to be the center of the relationship.

Are you standing on firm ground? Was your foundation made by the sturdy hands of our Savior? Are you waiting for the saw to stop so you can steal a moment of the music?

If you are standing on shaking ground tear it down and grab the manual. Cry out to God to steady your foundation. Let Him be your Master Creator.

Let’s Pray

Mighty Father thank you for giving us an instruction book to be our guide. Help us to let go of our need to build our lives with our own hands and let us give it all to You. You are the only foundation that we can stand on without fear of destruction. When we are working the saw, the sander, the drill and the nails, turn it all off and remind us to dance to the music. In Jesus name, amen”.

In my husband’s defense, he did build us a stand for the TV in our bedroom. It is strong and sturdy and serves it’s purpose.
We weren’t even afraid to set the TV on it.