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Candice loves to  encourage and inspire others while spreading her love for Jesus.  Her messages are heartfelt and often humorous. She speaks with a real and raw honesty that is relatable to any audience. Her goal is to be completely transparent in her ministry life and her everyday life and show others that our flaws are often the most beautiful thing about us. Her message is on forgiveness and God’s amazing redemption.

Candice is available for women’s retreats, MOPS groups, women’s conferences, church events and more.

Candice is represented by The Christopher Ferebee Agency.

To inquire about Candice speaking at your event please email Jana Burson at jana@christopherferebee.com





“Blessed to have had her speak”

“Every year our annual golf tournament plays for Morgan’s Wonderland, a San Antonio amusement park for people with or without special needs and their families. It is, as they say, “A Play place where everyone can play.” We love that motto.
Two years ago, we were blessed to have Candice Curry come and speak about her daughter: Justin. Mrs. Curry’s easy going style and her honesty about Justin’s autism diagnosis immediately caught the golfer’s attention. I could see them “lean in” to be sure they heard what she had to say. Mrs. Curry told us all a heartwarming story of her beautifully special, unusually perfect daughter. It was a tale of triumph over diagnosis, and a family bond that grows tighter every day. It was simply inspirational.
If you have a chance to have Mrs. Curry speak at your school, church, or event, you will walk away knowing you were blessed to have had her there. My golfers were in tears. However, I believe they were tears of joy for having understood a mother’s heart. “

Robin Blocker
Event Chairperson
Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Benefitting Morgan’s Wonderland 

“Every year at New Hope United, our women’s group puts together a Woman’s Service. We carefully plan each detail, from start to finish. Every role is accounted for. Planning, preaching, teaching, worship leaders, and greeters. One particular year, I suggested we have a dear friend of mine, Candice Curry of Women With Worth, give the sermon. I am so happy our women’s group trusted my suggestion. Her humor paired with transparency brought a unique and fascinating perspective of how God can work in a woman’s life. Candice’s story is a beautiful testimony of how God can move in our lives, we just need to get out of our own way.

 I can honestly say that my life has been truly blessed by knowing Candice. She has taught me that God’s silver lining can always be found in every situation, no matter how joyous or devastating. He is with us, in the good and in the bad. He gives us hope and strength to inspire others to believe, by sharing our testimony and living our lives in a way that reflect Him.Lord, thank You for Candice. Thank You for giving her the gift of honesty and humor. Thank You for inspiring her to start W3. Thank You for allowing her to be a part of my life.”



“I had the pleasure of ministering with Candice Curry at my ministry healing night. Candice delivered a powerful message of unlocking forgiveness and bringing healing to the soul. She used a visual example to the audience that night to drive the point home of the “rocks” you can be carrying around that cause unnecessary burdens. Candice shared how she released those “rocks” in her own life through the message of forgiving her father. Candice is a tremendous example of being a wonderful mother to five beautiful children along with running a ministry that impacts the world! I’m blessed by reading her Women With Worth blog! She is humorous, yet gets to the heart of the reader by being truthful according to scripture. She is my sister in Christ, and I look forward to seeing where God takes Candice and her message in the future!”

-Hilary Lynne Evangelical Ministries






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  2. Hi, as an adult with autism, I was curious if you’d be pushing your daughter Justin to be religious in her later years. Would you support her if she chose to be an atheist?

    • I’ll support all of my children no matter what they choose in life. Her being autistic doesn’t have anything to do with that, it’s about unconditional love. I’ll always lead my children by being an example of kindness and love and pray that they grow up to be generous, kind and compassionate. Religion has nothing to do with our love for Jesus and religion is never “pushed” on anyone in my life.

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