Unexpected Thankfulness: When God wrecks your plans.



There are things in my life that I never planned on being thankful for and never really wanted to be thankful for but today I get to look back and see how God’s plan is so much better than my own. I get to give thanks for the unexpected.

My plan was to marry, become a judge, have 6 sons and live happily ever after in my huge mansion filled with boys.

God’s plan was different.

I am thankful for His plan and not my own.

I am thankful for my first husband and the daughter we have together. I am thankful for our divorce, not because I don’t love him or want him in my life but because it has taught me how to be a better person and a better mom than I could have ever been inside my own little plan. The divorce showed me how not to be selfish, how to compromise, how to share without stipulations and manipulation. Today I am thankful for my divorce.

I was supposed to live happily ever after with my husband but God handed us a test. In the blink of an eye he showed us what we had to lose. He took us to our very bottom and that became the moment when we realized what unconditional love, forgiveness and faith looks like. This test renewed us and gave us a whole new life together. Today I am thankful for the mess in my marriage.

My mansion didn’t turn out to be as big as I thought it would and while our home seemed big when we moved in as a family of three it is now busting at the seams. Every room is filled with laughter and love. Our family is closer than I ever imagined. I wouldn’t turn my nose up to a bigger bathroom but having my home filled with my children is far better than the floor plans I had in mind. Today I am thankful that my dream mansion is simply our cozy home.

I pictured all of my children being the smartest in class, the funniest, the most social. I just imagined that they would excel at everything and never struggle. I guess these are things that we all hope for our children. God gave us something better than any of that. He gave us a little girl with autism. He gave us a special needs child. It’s the most amazing thing that He has ever given to me. Our family gets to see the world in a way that most will never get to. We get to experience life through the eyes of a child who see everything brighter, clearer and differently than the rest of us. Today I am thankful that God thought this little girl was special enough to bless her and our family with autism.

As for those six sons that I was supposed to have, my house is filled with pink. Lots of pink! I never pictured myself with hair-bows or dealing with girl drama but these little girls light my entire world. They are my sunshine. They have taught me how to be a woman, how to be sensitive, how to be compassionate and how to love in a way I never knew. In three short months our sweet baby James will join our family and I’m actually a little freaked out with the idea of raising a boy. The football team that I dreamed of turned out to be a cheer-leading squad. Today I am thankful for sugar and spice and everything nice but I also can’t wait to be blessed with snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

Today is a day of thanks.
Look around today and give thanks for those unexpected blessings that you may not have seen as gifts at the time.

Today say I love you.
Say I forgive you.
Say you are wanted.
Say you are a gift.

Today give grace and mercy.
Give forgiveness.
Give help.
Give love.
Give thanks.

Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours

I wrote this almost 4 years ago and somehow came across it today. It’s not my best writing but the message seems so fitting for where we’ve been the last few days.

We know the sound of each others cries.

We were made to comfort each other.

We were made to help each other.

We were made to forgive each other.

We were made to love each other.

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Classroom Tears

Our middle triplet has autism and requires speech therapy twice a week. Luckily we have the greatest elementary school in the whole wide world right here in our neighborhood.Every Monday and Wednesday Justin takes special time out of her day and goes with the speech therapist for her therapy.

You never know if Justin is going to be super happy to do something or completely against it. One day could be one way and the next day another.

We basically live in her world.

Yesterday was one of her speech days.

Her teacher said that she got out of her chair and headed to speech like it was no big deal. Then she got into the hall it it was all over. Apparently there was a catastrophic meltdown in the hallway that runs through the middle of the kindergarten classrooms.

When Justin has a meltdown it’s hard to get…

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Be where you are right now. Letting go and being present.



My daughter is probably going to get bullied when she starts middle school in 2 years. She has autism and is different from the other kids. The older they get the more obvious it becomes and middle school is a brutal time for any child.  I think about it all the time and am constantly trying to figure out how to prevent it, save her, change the challenges she faces.

My other daughter is a little over a year away from entering college. I lose sleep at night worrying about her leaving the nest and being on her own. I budget our entire lives every single night trying to figure out how we’re going to afford her school.

My son starts kindergarten in a few years and I can’t decide where he will go to school. Will we keep him in the school all of our other children have gone to or will we put him in the one that’s closer to home? I try to finalize our decision every time I pass the school that’s near us…and that’s every single day.

We have a life changing event headed our way, something that will completely change our family dynamics. The change is coming, it’s out of our control, but I’ve lost hours and hours of sleep wondering how we can stop it or change it. I will myself to travel back in time and fix the moment it was broken.

In the middle of a conversation about all the possibilities of what might or might not happen in the future, my sweet friend looked me in the eyes and said “Just be where you are right now. You can be somewhere else later.”


I’m losing precious time.
I’m stealing my very own joy right out of my own hands.
I’m robbing my family of having their mom and wife be fully present.
When I take myself out of the now to worry about the maybe, I miss out on what I have right in front of me.

I’m changing my outlook today. I’m going to choose to be where I am right now. I’m going to have the courage and faith to let go and be present right now, where I am and with who I’m with .

I’m not going to let worry of the future steal the joy I have in the moments that are in my sight, in the air I’m currently filling my lungs with. I’m taking my peace back and I’m giving it to the people who are in my life right now and deserve to have the current me, not the one that’s stressing about what might be. I’m not going to miss out on the small moments that hold so much happiness. All the tiny moments combined are what form the most beautiful stained glass and I don’t want to miss a single piece of it.

We have a choice to be fully present.
We have a choice on what our attitude will reflect.
We can choose joy in the now or fear for the future.

I choose joy. 



I have no idea what tomorrow holds but I know that from now on I will just be where I am right now. I can be somewhere else later.


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Today is the day. I’m finally pushing my teenager off of a cliff!

I want to tell her not to go. I want to remind her not to talk to strangers and always travel in groups. I want to write her name on the inside of everything she takes. I want to follow the bus to the edge of the city limits. I want to keep her home with me but I can’t, I have to let her go.

Candice Curry - W3

When she was 5 years old I would drop her off early for school because I had to head to work. Her school was huge and it was usually dark when I dropped her off. She would fearlessly shut the car door behind her and I’d watch through the window as she made her way up the stairs to the cafeteria. Her backpack was bigger than she was and her pigtails would swing from side to side.

She was so proud of herself and had no idea that my heart was breaking into a million pieces.

I wanted to hold her hand and walk her up. I wanted to wait until the very last-minute, right before the tardy bell rang and then open the car door to send her on her way. I wanted to keep her home with me but I couldn’t, I had to let her go.



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It’s easier for me to blame you rather than owning who I am.

Do you have a pity card in your back pocket? Heck, maybe you have a whole stack of them at home, I do. Do you hold guilt as close to you as you can? Do you have a bag full of burdens that you carry around with you? It’s time to get rid of them. Get the weight out of your life. Take it to the cross and leave it there once and for all. The temptation to go back and pick it up is simply the devil whispering in your ear.

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Sometimes I really enjoy being the victim. I don’t like the hurt when it’s fresh but give it some time and it can be used as a crutch.

When I was failing at life in general I could always pull out the “my father was a piece of crap” card or “but I was a single mom” card. It was good to have some crutches when I needed to fake a limp.  The crutches took the focus off of my failures and but it on the  weaknesses in my life.

I could think of a million other things I kept in my back pocket in case I needed to play the victim. When I was a single mom to my oldest we had a lot of fun, had a lot of love, and for the most part lived a pretty good life. She is a wonderful young lady now but…

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An Open Letter To My Daughter’s Stepmom

I never wanted you here. You simply were never part of the plan. Growing up and dreaming of my family I never included you. I didn’t want help from another woman to raise my child.

Candice Curry - W3


To My Daughter’s Stepmom

I never wanted you here. You simply were never part of the plan. Growing up and dreaming of my family I never included you.   I didn’t want help from another woman to raise my child.  The plan was for my family to include me, daddy and our children, not you.  I doubt you ever wanted me in your life. I doubt you planned to mother a child that you didn’t give birth to. I can bet that your plan for your family included you, daddy and your children together, not me or my daughter. I can almost bet that when you dreamed of becoming a mother it would be the day you gave birth and not the day you married your husband.  I’m pretty sure you never planned on me being here.

But God has plans that far exceed our own and when my little…

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In the middle of the chaos sometimes you just need to stop and push your glasses up.

God doesn’t leave us in the in the middle of the mess. He takes us apart so that He can change us, change our lives and put us back together even better than we were before.

If we can remain faithful while He is reconstructing us we will be rewarded in ways that we could never imagine.

If you are in the eye of the storm peek over the curtain and see that your Father is busy at work making sure that you are safe and that your life will reflect His good works.

Candice Curry - W3

trips bday

Reposting this in honor of our triplets birthday today. Happy Birthday precious girls. Thank you for reminding me to stop and push my glasses up.

When they wheeled me in to the room my body was shaking so hard that it might have registered on the Richter scale. I was terrified.There were three incubators with three nurses at each one. My doctor and his brother, who is also a doctor, stood by the bed and each had two nurses shadowing their every move.The anesthesiologist stood ready to impale me with her sword. Okay that’s a little exaggerated but I promise that’s what it looked like from where I was.

The room was  a peanut butter cheeseburger and alien away from a Twilight Zone episode.

I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself but the thought of them cutting me open and pulling three 5 1/2 lb babies from…

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How a simple drink order completely wrecked my world.

By the time we settled in our seats the conversation had somehow made a dramatic flip and we found ourselves sitting with serious faces. We talked about depression, addiction and how suicide totally sucks for those left behind. We couldn’t decide if we were sad or mad that our dad hadn’t taken us into consideration before taking his own life but we could both agree that it’s wrecked our worlds. Her world was wrecked at the sweet young age of 12, mine at 36.

Candice Curry - W3

We decided on a breakfast date before our appointment and headed to the best pancake house in our city (shout out to Magnolia pancake Haus!). While we patiently waited for our table, we told each other the most immature jokes we knew and giggled like we were both 16. Toilet humor is our favorite and we each told our best potty jokes. I may or may not have spoken in a British accent half of the time.

Her phone buzzed, letting us know that our table was ready, and we both shot off the waiting bench and almost knocked each other down trying to get to the table the quickest. I won because I outweigh her by a million pounds and she’s easy to push out of my way.

By the time we settled in our seats the conversation had somehow made a dramatic flip and we found ourselves…

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I Thought My Son Was Safe In Our Car Until Britax Showed Up.

As a mom to 6 kids, I’ve seen my fair share of all things baby related. When our triplets were little we had three of every baby item, from bouncers to cribs to car seats. Our house has been filled with kid contraptions, jumpy things, and more for the last 16 years and our car has never been without at least one car seat.

I’m a resale girl so most of our stuff comes second-hand. I don’t really look for all the bells and whistles, I’m more of a price tag junkie. Give me a good deal! When it comes to toys, swings, and items like that, I always buy second-hand. When it comes to the car seats, the smart thing to do is always buy new.

That doesn’t mean that I would go to the big box baby store and grab the fanciest one, I always went middle of the road with a car seat that was simply a car seat and would keep my child buckled in. Sad to say, I never did much research, I just bought the one that look dependable.
Then I would go home, place it in the seat, dig my knee into it and pull the seat-belt and tightly as I possibly could. There was always a little wiggle to the seat but I just figured that was normal.

But then I was introduced to the Britax Advocate Clicktight ARB at an event for local moms held by Alamo City Moms Blog.


Someone’s ready to break this box open and check out his new car seat.


On my way to the event I pulled into a car wash to vacuum out the Cheerios and crumbs from under my son’s car seat. I didn’t even have to unbuckle him, I just kind of tilted the car seat to the side a little and shoved the vacuum under his seat. Huge clue that he wasn’t exactly as safe as I had thought he was.

During the Britax event we were shown all the safety features and new technology that makes this new car seat the safest on the market. You can see all the amazing safety features here.



Britax went above and beyond for us and removed our old car seats and replaced them with the new Britax Advocate Clicktight and I was seriously blown away at how secure the new seat is. Not only is it extremely easy to install, that thing doesn’t budge an inch and I didn’t even have to stand on top of it while pulling the seat belt. Once my son was buckled in I was amazed at how comfortable and snug he was. I almost can’t believe that I actually drove him around for two years in a car seat that wasn’t as safe as I thought it was.
When it comes to car seats, from now on, I will never sacrifice safety for price. When it comes to the safety of our children, the investment in the most safe car seat on the market is always worth it. This new car seat goes far beyond the standard or required safety features. Every detail has been carefully designed to make sure our children are as safe as the can possibly be. It can be used for your 5 pound infant or your 65 pound and is designed to be used rear facing and forward facing.


Snug as a bug in a rug in his new Britax

My son was so excited about his car seat, almost as much as I was. Ever since we installed the Britax Advocate Clicktight, I have to announce the car seat like a game show host every time I go to buckle him in. “NEEEWWWWW CAR SEAT!”. I once made the mistake of simply opening the door and buckling him in and it led to an epic meltdown… until I did my game show voice introduction of the car seat. I wonder what the people in the Target parking lot thought about what was going on in my car.

A huge thanks to Britax for giving me peace of mind and a safe ride for my son and to Alamo City Moms Blog for hosting the wonderful luncheon.




Your Blended Family Is Going To Fail.

Your Blended Family Is Going To Fail.

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Being a spouse can be difficult.
Being a parent can be hard.
Finding balance in family life and doing your best to get it right is rough and takes mountains of patience.

Even trickier than all of that is trying to pull it off in a blended family.

I tried to look up statistics on blended families and it became overwhelming. What it boils down to is that about 50% of American families are blended, meaning the adults in the family have children from previous relationships.

My family is blended. Well, my family is chopped, minced, and then blended. Even though we don’t use the terms step or half, the reality is that we have step parents, step kids, step siblings, half siblings and we even have my sister who we’re raising as our daughter.

We’re the poster family for blended families.

Being a blended family is tough work. You don’t just have to figure out how to make life inside your home work, you also have to figure out a way to make life between two or more homes work. Navigating co-parenting with another family is not for the faint of heart and is another post all together.

I’d like to say we get it right all the time and that love always trumps the hard times but I’d be lying.
I’d like to say grace is always given when we tread on bumpy terrain but I’d be lying.
I’d like to say that we never doubt the choices we’ve made but sometimes none of our choice make any sense at all and I wonder how the heck we got here in the first place.

Blending families takes more than most of us are equipped with and because of that the failure rate is through the roof.

The brutal reality of it all is that your blended family is going to fail and over and over again you’ll fail at trying to make it work.

You’ll fail at never having feelings of resentment.
You’ll fail at swallowing your pride.
You’ll fail at relinquishing some control and allowing another person discipline your child.
You’ll fail at showing compassion and grace.
You’ll fail at keeping jealousy under wraps.

You’re family will fail at not being territorial inside your own home.
You’re family will fail at making love completely equal between all its members.
You’re family will fail at pretending it’s easy.
You’re family will fail at wanting to make it work.

But through all the rough spots you’ll find immense beauty.

There will be the moments where the light shines through the cracks.
There will be the moments when the broken pieces will come together to make a stained glass window where others will look through and see nothing but beauty. They’ll see all the different colors, shapes and sizes and stare in awe at how it all came together so perfectly.

12928360_10153945453516007_1218674214433196918_n (1)

There will be the times when you watch your spouse love on and parent your child as their own and it will bring up a love so deep you can’t even imagine how it contains itself inside your heart.

There will be a time when your spouse’s child kisses you and tells you that they love you and you’ll wonder how you ever lived your life without them.

There will be times when your children walk hand in hand with your spouse’s children and you’ll know that you are teaching them to love far beyond any boundaries.

Your blending family is going to fail.
They’re going to fail over and over but they’re also going to prove that love and grace can outshine any darkness.
They’re going to show others how broken things can be mended, maybe not back to the way they were but to a way that lets the light shine through the cracks and heal the hurts.