Justin Graves Band Ministry and Giveaway!

A few years ago my family went through something that shook us down and stripped us to our core. As we began to rebuild ourselves we made a choice to very intentionally release all of the toxic things in our lives and make an effort to no longer allow anything in our lives that didn’t bring us closer to God. It was work, lots and lots of work. One of the things in our lives that we never really noticed had such a negative influence on our thoughts was the music we listened to. A catchy beat can suck you in and the next thing you know you and your kids are singing words that would normally never leave your lips. That had to change for us and for our children.  We made a decision to only listen to Christian music. Well, that’s a small white lie. I’m married to a country boy who loves his country music so we do occasionally listen to country music, only if it’s appropriate and sometimes we allow the kids to listen to some of the song that we approve. However, in the car the radio is always set to KLOVE or AIR1, always.

There’s truly nothing like hearing your children singing songs of praise from memory. I love when all the girls are jamming out to Christian songs that are uplifting and positive.

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite families and their amazing ministry. Justin and Michelle along with their precious daughter Gabi travel all over to spread the love of Christ through their music.  Known as The Justin Graves Band , this family is touching lives everyday not only through their music but through their kindness, compassion and unstoppable love for the Lord.


Michelle recently sent me some CDs along with donations for my daughters homeless ministry because they are always thinking of others and always freely give of themselves. Today I want to give you a chance to win two of their CDS, Live To Love and Happy To Be Me.

Live To Love has been blasting in our car for weeks and we are all constantly humming the tune to Flip My Attitude. It’s our families favorite song on the CD. I dare you not to bounce your shoulders to the beat while it’s on. This is a CD that I can pop in and with confidence let every song play, knowing that each song is not only family friendly but amazingly done by Michelle and Justin.

I have two favorite songs, wait make that three. Shout For Joy is so special as it has sweet Michelle speaking scripture to start the song off for Justin.  A true testimony of love for my kids to witness.  Thank you Michelle.  Hallelujah is beautiful and Make Me What You Will is a song of great obedience to the Lord. I’ll admit that when I’m along in the car I repeat Make Me What You Will several times. It’s become sort of prayer for me.

Sweet Gabi is on several songs and has a brave and strong voice. She is clearly being raised in a confident and loving family. You can hear her singing prayer on the song My Prayer as well as several others. I love that the whole family is involved. I also love that they take Gabi everywhere with them and let her experience the world as a servant for Christ.

When Strong & Courageous plays my daughter Myleigh always says “Well this is catchy” and we’ve nicknamed it the “catchy song”.

Please check out The Justin Graves Band website and facebook to learn more about this precious family and their ministry. You can also follow them on twitter at @jgband.

Today we are giving away a set of CDs that will include Happy To Be Me and Live To Love to four winners. To enter the giveaway just leave us a comment here or on our W3 facebook page letting us know your favorite Christian song or hymn. We will pick 4 random winners to be announced tomorrow at noon.  If you aren’t one of the lucky winner then make sure to grab one off of their site. You will not be disappointed!




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