Number One Rule In Co-Parenting: Get Over Yourself.

Your job is to find a way to be kind and loving to the other parent, regardless of the other parents behavior. Don’t let someone else’s actions lower you to a level that hurts your child.
Bad mouthing the other parent, rolling your eyes at the mention of their name and trying to one up the other parent are easy ways to push your child in the opposite direction of where you want them to go. Never let your feelings towards the other parent outweigh your love for your child.

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To all parents and stepparents who are co-parenting impressionable and innocent children:

If you’re having issues with each other and struggling to make this co-parenting thing healthy, please keep it off social media. It stays here forever and your child will see it one day. If you’re being outright ugly then please understand that you’re not winning the battle, you’re poisoning your child. If you’re being passive aggressive, trying to take digs at the other parent while trying to look like the bigger person, it’s not working. That’s the most transparent way of toxic co-parenting. Your child is the one who will suffer and it keeps the cycle going instead of putting a stop to it. Allowing bitterness to rule your actions towards the other parent is fueling the fire, not helping to put it out.

Your job is to find a way to be kind and loving to…

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2 thoughts on “Number One Rule In Co-Parenting: Get Over Yourself.

  1. I love your blog. Particularly your article which features in the Huffington Post – it makes me cry. I’m a Step Mum and I have recently found myself, like you, in the role of my daughters having a new woman come into their lives. I desperately hope I can have the same attitude as you one day (at the moment I’m about 70% faking it) but I’m working on it. Thanks for being an inspiration for me. You also feature rather heavily in our most recent blog post which I thought you may like to see. Thanks so much for sharing.

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