We must be aware and vigilant …. Hooters Girls are teaching our kids!!

I’m a Hooters girl!


My Hooters tribe

Okay, I WAS a Hooters girl but we’re lifers, man.
I wore the panty hose, shorts, tank tops (that had to be tied up in the 90’s so your tummy would show) and tied a bandana around my waist (yes, it fit way back then). I was there for two years. I supported myself well, had a ton of fun and met amazing people. My customers there were far less inappropriate towards me than some of the customers I had at the “normal” chain restaurant where I worked for years. The men I worked with were more respectful than some of the men I worked with at my corporate sales job. My best and all time favorite customer was my 80 year old grandma who visited me once a week, always brought me a gift and had a plate full of mild wings. The managers were kind and caring and made sure we were always comfortable and respected.

I made solid friendships with some pretty amazing women who, at the time, were putting themselves through school, dating or married to super awesome men, mothers to the sweetest children and honest, loving friends to me which can be hard to find. Those same women are still my friends and are nurses (yes, they’re caring for you and your family members), teachers (yep, they’re out there educating your children),engineers,taxidermist (I know but she’s still cool), restaurant general managers, kick booty stay at home moms, business owners and so much more. They all have hearts of gold and always have. They’re all amazing women and always have been.

Parents/people are free to be offended by, well, everything these days and this post isn’t about them.

To the company and people who donated money and their time to an organization in an effort to do good and provide a great experience for a bunch of kids, a tip of the hat to you. To the women who spent their day off cheerfully doing projects with the kids (while wearing appropriate shorts, t-shirts, hoodies and hats), thank you for volunteering in your community and doing good in a time when we are seeing and hearing about so much hate and evil in the world. I’ll gladly read about your generosity over news about the lack of humanity and kindness that is spreading like wildfire around the world. Can’t we applaud the good for once. Hooters, you did a good thing and if I could squeeze my booty back into my uniform and cheer you on I would but come on, the shorts probably don’t fit over my ankle anymore. Good on you, Hooters, good on you.

6 thoughts on “We must be aware and vigilant …. Hooters Girls are teaching our kids!!

  1. When I was in college, a few of my sorority sisters worked at Hooters and a some older alums water bothered that any of us would work “at such a place.”

    I was the officer in charge of the disciplinary committee and the subject was brought up that we should maybe tell them to leave Hooters or leave the sorority. I was floored. I had learned from talking to the girls that Hooters is a freaking awesome company to work for! How many places pay for your courses if you get an A, and pay part of it if you get a B? How many places happily schedule your hours around your classes and study groups? And when we had fundraisers, guess what bosses donated to our causes.

    I told the “elders” that while they might not like the outfits or the name of the place, what Hooters really stands for is good food, and supporting its employees not just while on the job but in their pursuits to grow out of the job. Again, what company *pays* you to learn your way out of their job?!? I told our alums that if the Hooters girls were told to leave they could expect more of us to leave, including me.

    Once they learned what Hooters is really about there wasn’t one more chat about it. One even said that she might stop by to try out some wings.

    The more you know…

    You won’t hear me say one

  2. Great company to work for, loved it
    Great tuition program
    Still talk to most of the Hooters girls i met working there, some who have become Business owners, V.P’s or C.E.O’s
    not to mention the networking, thanks to that i have a pretty awesome job now!
    Talking about donations, when the tornado hit Joplin Mo, our region got together and donated Lots of food and clothing, i only had to reach out to our boss and ask him if we could help out!
    I still defend the HOOTERS girls when people try to talk down about them!

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