The day I testified against my father in court and how I was taught to stand in the gap.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! Praying that your day is filled with kisses and hugs, giggles and sweet voices, BBQ and cold beverages.
A special Happy Father’s Day and thank you to all the gap standers. Thank you, bless you, and happy day to all the stepdads, mom, grandfathers, uncles and brothers who stand in the gap. Praying your day is spilling over with blessings.
To the dads who don’t get to see their children today, my heart aches for you.
To the child who doesn’t get to be with their dad today, my prayers are for you.
To the mom who’s pulling double duty today, God bless you.
To the stepdads who are sometimes over looked today, I see you.
To all the gap standers, your value is beyond measure.
To my dad in heaven, thank you for what you left behind. What you failed at has turned into my biggest success. Because people stood in the gap for me, I will stand in the gap for whoever needs me. The ability to forgive everything allows me to love you today. I’ll see you in heaven.
To my stepdad in heaven, you’re the unsung hero. I pray that you can see how grateful I am for what you did in my life. Thank you for loving me when you didn’t have to. I love you.
To my heavenly Father, I owe it all to you. You are the ultimate gap stander. Today and everyday I am overwhelmed by your love.

Candice Curry - W3

“Mrs.Curry, isn’t it true that…”

I almost couldn’t believe that I was where I was. Sitting in the witness stand ,while my whole body shook violently, I calmly and honestly answered the question that my very own father presented to me in the middle of his custody hearing for my minor siblings. He represented himself in his custody case. Bad move.

The result of me being on the stand left my father with very little time with my siblings and every second of it supervised. I’m not happy about that but it had to be done. It was my responsiblity to protect them and they needed to be protected from our fathers mental and emotional abuse. It was one of the worst and best things I’ve ever done. After so many years of torture from my father, I was happy to take the chance away from him to do it…

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