I’ve been called a lot of things but this one might be the most shocking.

My amazing friend, Amanda, was chosen as one of 50 photographers to shoot for a spread in Revived Beauty Magazine. She’s amazing and it was no surprise that she was chosen to display her talents.

The surprise was who was nominated to be her mom for the 50 Most Beautiful Mothers 2016.   I believe we all hold a special beauty and what makes us truly beautiful comes from within. I’m under no illusion that what I have to offer the world is more beautiful than any other person but this is a true honor. Along with 49 other moms, I will be in the 50 Most Beautiful Mothers 2016 edition of Revived Beauty.  I’m kind of giddy.

The real work here was done by Amanda and her amazing talent behind the camera. Having Dora there to do my makeup was very special and made me feel like the real deal. Thank you for making me feel beautiful. To those who nominated me for this honor, thank you for seeing the good in me, I hope I make you proud.

You can order the Mother’s Day edition magazine here in print or digitally here. Thanks for all the support.


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