We are a society of over schedulers. Take it down a notch!

We’re celebrating our baby boy’s 2nd birthday today and reminding ourselves to slow down.
“Being busy doesn’t make us important. We’ve realized that our kids would rather be home hanging out with us than booked for all kinds of activities. Being a close, loving and relaxed family makes us important in our home.
Let’s all just slow down. Take it down a notch and enjoy the very simple things that we sacrifice when we try to keep ourselves so busy. Let’s just sit, breath and soak up every moment that we have with our families. Let’s be still.
Who are we trying to keep up with anyways?”

Candice Curry - W3

1901837_10152191543721007_2076762567_n (1)

Last night my husband and I were up in the middle of the night feeding our newborn baby boy. Ok, I was feeding but he gets up with me and sits with me while I feed the baby to “help and make it fair”…his words not mine, I promise.

We were talking about how much he seems to have grown in just over a week. Neither of us want him to grow up. Stay small baby boy, stay small!

When the triplets were infants we went into survival mode and didn’t really get the chance to sit and enjoy each moment. This time we want to do it differently.

The other day we went to mark the girls height on the door frame like we often do and get this…they grew! What. When did that happen. I didn’t even notice. It was just an inch or so but it took…

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