I Have Found The Cure For Every Woman’s/Teenagers’ Clothing Dilemma!

Ok, so maybe every woman doesn’t have a clothes dilemma but I do and so do my two teenagers. One things that I’m fairly strict about in our home is dressing modestly. I’m not asking my kids to dress like nuns, I’m just asking them to cover up what should be covered up. The last thing I want to see if an exposed belly as they walk out of the house.

This can create an issue because it’s become nearly impossible to find clothes that are cute, modest and affordable. I’ll never be able to wrap my brain around the fact that half shirts and booty shorts are sold in children’s sizes… or adult sizes for that matter.

This brand is for women of all shapes and sizes and the clothes are beautiful!

SO… If you’re looking for modest, cute and super affordable clothes check out ZigZag Stripe. Even my teenagers have asked me to order for them. Score one for mom! They’ve made me a brand rep so if you enter code ZZS907 at check out you’ll get 10% off every time you order. They have new arrivals every day that are 20% off.

I’m a sucker for clothes that are this comfortable and that I don’t have to worry about accidentally exposing belly, crack or cleavage.


Check out the beautiful clothes here!

Don’t forget to enter code ZZS907 to get your discount!





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