This is where the cowboy rides away

Today marks 2 years since I lost the man who stood in the gap for me, the man who allowed me to call him dad when he didn’t have to, the man who took on the roll as my dad when my father no longer could.
We miss him daily but we also give praise to God for the blessings He has given us since my dad’s passing. God’s plan is never what we expect but it is always perfect no matter what we have to endure through it.

We miss him but we are thankful for all the time that we were allowed to have him in our lives. He passed away a month shy of getting to see my son come into this world. I would give anything for him to get on glimpse of his little namesake.

We love you, Papa.

Candice Curry - W3


Last night, on 1/20/14, my step-dad went to be with my heavenly Father and dance in the kingdom of heaven.

He was a true American hero who fought for our freedom.

He was humble and unassuming. His passions were race horses, hunting and my mom.

We sat on pins and needles during dinner because you never knew what would come out of his mouth. He loved the shocked value of his stories.

Boots lined the bottom of his closet. Above them hung a long line of Wrangler jeans. We labeled him our Red Neck.

22 years ago he gracefully stepped in and filled the position of my earthly father and I am forever grateful that even though life wasn’t always a beautiful picture, he made sure it was safe.

He was a husband, a father to me and two of my brothers and a Papa to 9 little grandbabies.


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