Today Is Our Family’s Random Act Of Kindness Day.

Even with kids that have huge giving hearts, this time of year can easily turn into a season of “I want”. Honestly, it’s not their fault. We’re constantly asking them what they want for Christmas. Grandparents, aunts and uncles are asking them what they want. Santa is asking them what they want. Mom and dad are asking what they want. They’re almost programmed to be entitled and a little bit greedy around the holidays.

Today is our triplets first day of Christmas break and to help start the season off on a giving note, we will spend the day doing random acts of kindness. Thanks to Alamo City Moms Blog we have some fun ideas. We’re headed out to leave quarters on vending machines and car washes, popcorn on Red Box machines, and a few other sweet ideas. Our prayer this season is that we are able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Savior, and to spread as much love and kindness as possible. There will still be a few gifts under the tree but they will not be our focus. What random acts of kindness will you join in on today?


4 thoughts on “Today Is Our Family’s Random Act Of Kindness Day.

  1. While teaching 3rd grade, I’d always ask my class what they gave to their family members for Christmas presents. It usually threw them a curve ball, and they all had to think for a minute. Good for you to help your children remember the giving part of Christmas.

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