5 Inspiring Friendships Between Bio-Moms And Stepmoms. Check out #1!

Completely humbled today. My blended family’s story is featured on the Huffington Post in an article on 5 Inspiring Friendships Between Bio-Moms And Stepmoms. We are featured alongside Jada Pinkett Smith and her coparent. I absolutely love our beautiful blended family. I’m thankful for my awesome husband, ex husband and daughter’s Stepmom for rocking this coparenting thing.

Check it out here!


5 thoughts on “5 Inspiring Friendships Between Bio-Moms And Stepmoms. Check out #1!

  1. Congratulations for being able to share your message on HuffPost! I am a stepmom and there is no co-parenting. If my stepkids’ mom and I see each other at an event we’re cordial, but there is really no relationship. There’s no open hostility but always a forced friendliness if we’re in the same room and relief when we’ve gone our separate ways. Maybe that will change as the years pass.

    • Thank you, Susan. Praying for a friendship but very proud of both of you for being able to be cordial and be in the same room. That’s a great start. It’s not always easy and it takes time but it’s always what’s best for the kiddos. God bless

  2. Hi
    I am the biological mother, the stepmom is his third wife. Therefore there is no animosity. However, the ex insists that I be excluded whenever possible, unless my presence is absolutely required. My daughter is caught in the middle, Stepmom and I get along fine, as seldom as we see each other, and we have a friendly witty relationship. The invitees are usually her, ex, her children, my children. Tough, but I guess I’ll live.

  3. Love your story & am so grateful for my own. My son (almost 3) has a wonderful step-mom, though things weren’t always wonderful between us. We’ve worked together to create a happy, supportive environment for our kids (she now has her own little girl of just a few months), and it’s grown into a great friendship between us moms. It takes great humility & patience and leaves no room for ego to do what we do… but I know we are setting the most wonderful example for our children about how our lives can change, our relationships can evolve, and we can navigate it all with love and grace.

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