This is what it looks like when you build your house on the wrong foundation and the importance of choosing the right builder.

Candice Curry - W3


You Built What?

My husband loves to build stuff out of wood. He has a “man shed” in our back yard and can spend hours in there.

The man shed has a pink Barbie Jeep in it but we won’t go there.

He has it wired so that he can listen to music or watch football while he sands, drills, saws and hammers away at anything that he can get his hands on.

I love on Saturdays when I can hear his music each time the saw pauses. Our girls are constantly in and out of that shed checking out what he is building and seeing if it is for them. He always lets them join in and hammer a few nails.

He never goes out and buys a bunch of wood from Home Depot. He prefers to reuse stuff he finds or rebuild something that is broken. He completely…

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