What it looks like when you have to cheer from the nose bleed section.

Candice Curry - W3

2nd floor

Game On

Last night my oldest daughter had a volleyball game and my husband had a football game to coach. That meant I had to take the triplets to my daughters volleyball game by myself while he coached his team on the other side of town.

First of all, the game started at 6:30pm and my daughters bedtime is 7pm. Problem number one.

Problem number two was that my autistic daughter does not do well at sporting events. I mean not well at all.

We met my exhusband (oldest daughter’s daddy) in the parking lot and headed into the game.

He made it through the door with two triplets and I was stuck outside trying to talk the third one into going inside to watch her sissy play volleyball.

She was not having it. She kept begging me to take her home. She was crying because she is scared of…

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