What it looks like when people love instead of judge.

I’m headed out this morning to speak to 13 teen moms at a local teen MOPS group. I was honored to get to speak to them a few months ago and completely fell in love with them. Society tends to turn its nose up to these young girls but these women deserve major love. They chose life. They are doing their best to raise their babies while trying to complete high school. That should be applauded. We all get in hard situations and need help,grace and mercy. We all need someone to wrap their arms around us and remind us that we are good and deserving. I want to be that for these women.

My amazing friends poured love donations out on these women for the last two weeks and today I get to take bags filled with goodies to the moms. Today they will get to see that people who have never met them love them and pray for them. Today they will know that they are worthy of great things. Today they will feel loved. Today they will know that people are good.

Please send prayers our way as I visit the moms and remind them how amazing they truly are. Huge, huge thanks to everyone who has prayed for them and poured out love for them. I am extremely grateful. God bless.

Trader Joe’s  and Waxing The City Stone Oak donated the bags and my super cool friends filled them up!

Some of the awesomeness that is in those bags include:

Handmade blankets, clutch purses, scarves, candy, journals, pens, hand painted mugs, wall hangings, more candy, make up, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cards, snow cone coupons, hair ties, lotions, bibles, devotionals, exfoliation gloves, key fobs, hot chocolate, comfy socks, handmade zipper pouches, face masks, more candy, nail polish and so much more!












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