Put Down The Stones.

“All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” – Jesus

I wonder what would have happened if one of the Pharisees picked up a stone after Jesus spoke and chunked it at the adulterous woman. It would have been far more painful for the Pharisee than it would have been for the woman who got hit with the stone.

We throw the stone daily.
We throw the stone at those who believe differently than us, dress differently than us, love differently than us and who disagree with us.

We’re so off course these days.

My Jesus loves.
He loves the broken.
He loves the outcast.
He loves the sinner.
He loves the adulterer
He loves the sick.
He loves us through all our wrong doings yet we can’t seem to love those who are different from us.

We’re not getting it right. If we call ourselves Christians or followers of Christ then we need to start loving more and judging less. We need to start following in the footsteps of Jesus instead of trying to change the path he walked and make our own.

Jesus loves.


One thought on “Put Down The Stones.

  1. It couldn’t have come in a better moment. I know Jesus loves us, no matter what. I wish my dad would read this article.

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