What’s so good about Good Friday?

I’m always at a loss for words on this day. It use to upset me that it was called Good Friday because what could be good about Jesus being beaten and killed. It took me a long to time to truly grasp what it all meant. It is Good Friday. The King of Kings came to us as a baby boy. He lived among us, as us. He healed the broken, remembered the forgotten, forgave the unforgivable and loved the outcast. He never discriminated against a single person but chose to love us with all of our faults and broken pieces. He walked through life with zero possessions. He lived life as a homeless wanderer. He continued to love us when we doubted him. He continued to love us when we lied and sinned. And then, in the ultimate act of love, he gave his very life for us so that we would have a way to heaven to live with his father for eternity. He took on  our sins even though he had never sinned himself. After everything we did to him and how much we denied him, he loved us.  Today is not just a simple holiday . Today is the day that changed the course of the world forever. Today is the day we were set free from our sins. Today is the day our King wept on the cross and said “It is finished.”crown of thorns 1

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