Confession: I didn’t marry my best friend! There, I said it.

“Ugh, but that’s the standard phrase, right? When someone gets engaged or posts an anniversary pic, it’s usually captioned with “married my best friend” or something along those lines. In my case, it’s not true. I didn’t marry my best friend…..”


I’m over at Alamo City Mom Blog talking about how I didn’t marry my best friend.

Check it out here!



5 thoughts on “Confession: I didn’t marry my best friend! There, I said it.

  1. I do understand your perspective in this article; however, I’ll have to agree with a few of your readers on this one rather than your viewpoint. (Please understand, I’m not at all bashing, only sharing my point of view.)
    Having been married almost 20 years, I can truly say, “I am married to my best friend.” A best friend, to me, isn’t the cute “girly stuff” shared of smelly feet, past boyfriends and the latest fashion trends. In my book, that’s just simply having “girl time” with great girl-friends. A best friend is someone whom you share the intimate, deepest parts of your soul, your dreams, your fears, your fears and successes. A best friend is someone whom you want to call first for the best of news and the worst, and a best friend is one who will stick by you (and you with them), regardless, the storm that comes crashing down your door in the night or the terror that meets you at dawn. I have great girl friends, those with whom I laugh and giggle and go get a cup of coffee after a tough morning with the kids; however, my best friend, my husband, is the one with whom I desire to spend the best of my days and the worst of my nights. I’ll forsake any time in the world with my girlfriends to spend extra time with him, but I’m not so sure I can say that in reverse. 😉
    What you’ve described in the bulk of this article seems to really refer to a best friend, and it would seem that’s more of what your husband really is. …I think, maybe, our definitions of best friend just deepens as we grow older and have to deal with the realities of life and not just the fun moments of childhood; yet, the cultural push for “girl power” and the stronger disregard for the strength and unity of marriage, sometimes, skews those lines more than we’d like to admit… Just my thoughts… 😉

    • Thank you for taking the time to read the article and respond, I appreciate it. I completely understand everyone had different views. The article was supposed to be a little more lighthearted than some took it to be. I have my best girlfriends whom I adore my time with and need in my life and I also have my husband who is my heart and soul.

      • Fair enough. No offense taken, honest, and I hope none given. I apologize if my response sounded sharp. My passion for this subject comes from the many conversations and pastoral counseling with Christian couples I have had where women (and men, too, but not as much), too often, are willing to forsake their relationship with their husbands for over excessive “girl time” and years later wonder why their marriage stinks… 😉Rereading and hearing your response, I see your lightheartedness…with the attack on marriage in today’s culture, it was hard to know at first glance. 💗

    • No offense taken at all, I totally get what you’re saying. The article was meant to show that marriage isn’t all fun and games and it won’t always be like we’re just giggle boxing with our BFF. If that makes any sense at all. It takes hard work and you will definitely need some outside support through it. There are things I enjoy doing with my husband that I don’t enjoy doing with my girlfriends and vise versa. There are little things I want to vent about to my friends that I don’t want my husband to stress about and vise versa. My marriage has literally been through hell and back and I would never attack the sanctity of marriage. The only thing that helped restore my marriage was God and supportive family and friends. I firmly believe in working through the hardships of marriage and am crushed at how easily people walk away from marriage these days. My husband and I have 6 children so when we do have any spare time we make sure it’s spent dating each other. I do, however, make sure I keep connected with my girlfriends who have walked through fire with me and would be there for me not matter what. I bet we could talk about this for hours. As a society we need to grow a deeper respect for the covenant for marriage.

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