True Beauty: What real beauty looks like and all my sweet friends that helped me prove it.

Candice Curry - W3

I had a major mom fail a few months ago. My family was getting ready for our summer vacation so I took our teen-aged daughter bathing suit shopping with me. She decided to go inside the dressing room  to see me in the suits that I had picked out. In an effort to not completely shock her with my post baby body I tried to be as discreet as possible while changing.

She watched me carefully with a concerned look on her face and I was prepared for her to talk to me about stretch marks or baby belly. I mentally recalled the time when she was 7 and I had just given birth to her triplet sister. We were in the dressing room and she told me that she liked my arms because they were soft and “rolly”. Then she asked me if those lines (stretch marks) were the fat…

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