I always love my kids but I don’t always like them.

Today I’m over at Alamo City Moms Blog talking about the days when I’m just not feeling my kiddos.

Choice Words: Why I want to cuss out my children



I love to see my friends’ Facebook posts about their children’s latest accomplishments or the funny thing they said. I adore when they post the letter their child wrote about how her mommy is her hero. I’ll admit that I’m guilty myself. I posted a video on Instagram of my son’s first long walk from the TV to couch as we all cheered him on. He looked like a drunken sailor making his way back to the boat after a long night at the bar, but he was walking, dang it! Kids are just so awesome, and I particularly favor mine, but can we all just be honest for a second and admit that there are days when we want to cuss them out?! What’s that?—you have no idea what I’m talking about? Well, clearly you’re a much better and more patient parent than I am, because there are days that I want to cuss in their faces and walk away………………………………….

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