Helping single moms in Uganda with just one word.

One of our sisters, The Unconventional Doctor’s Wife, is headed back to Uganda to teach single moms a skill that will help better the lives of their families. She makes beautiful custom printed leather cuffs and is teaching the moms how to make them.

If you have chosen one word for this year and want to preorder a cuff with your word on it, hand printed by a single mom in Uganda, head on over and get it ordered. I placed my order this morning for my OBEDIENT bracelet. You can have whatever you want printed on it. Thanks for the support. Feel free to share the link.

Order your cuff here



“I’m heading back to Uganda next week to teach the single mothers & widows of Beauty For Ashes Uganda leather stamping techniques in hoping to lay a foundation for sustainable business for them in the future.

With it being the new year, I know many people choose One Little Word or a word for the year. I thought I’d offer you the chance to be one of the firsts to receive a leather bracelet handstamped by the mamas.

These will be similar to the ones pictured. Thin (about 1cm wide) and will have an adjustable jewelry clasp.

Please INCLUDE YOUR WORD in the comments.

With travel time there and then back to the states, these finished mini-cuffs will not ship until mid February.”

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