Good Morning America!

I’m currently sitting in the make-up chair!

Okay not really the make-up chair, more like my bathroom counter doing my own make-up but either way Good Morning America is on their way here today!
They are interviewing me, my daughter and her stepmom about the Open Letter blog post. It’s set to air tomorrow (Tuesday) so make sure you tune in.

I never expected any of this, not in my wildest dreams.

I’m freaking out, stepmom is freaking out and our daughter is acting like it’s no big deal. Typical teenager.



6 thoughts on “Good Morning America!

  1. Isn’t divorce great? Kids actually end up getting four parents instead of two! And the ex-wife gets a new best friend; dad gets to sleep with a pretty younger wife; the daughter gets a stepmom young enough to be a buddy instead of a parent (unless she got pregnant at 14). Broken marriages, broken families, new sleeping partners — yes, divorce is really something to celebrate!

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