Be Beautiful, Do Beautiful and Evolve.

Our worth is not defined by the circumstances in our lives but rather how we react to those circumstances.

We are beautiful because we were created by the loving hand of the Lord and He only makes things that are wonderful and perfect.

Be Beautiful, Do Beautiful.

I try not to be a vain person, really I do. Don’t get me wrong, I like to look presentable but I don’t hold my worth in my appearance. I do my best to eat healthy and get some form of exercise when I can but I don’t measure any of my value from what the scale reads. But a few weeks ago I failed. Miserably failed.

I received a message from Savvy Media Marketing asking if I would be the November model for Evolve Boutique. Last month Evolve launched its Be Beautiful, Do Beautiful campaign and their goal is to highlight different women in our community who “do beautiful”.

Vanity bomb!

The last thing I really wanted to do is have my picture taken and posted on the internet. I gave birth 8 months ago and I am not one of those women that can walk the runway days after birth. Actually, I’m not one of those women that can walk the runway, ever. I’m usually pretty comfortable in my skin but right now my skin is recovering from a very complicated birth with many obstacles that have slowed my healing process.  I wasn’t ready for pictures. On top of that the owner wanted me to tell her how I do beautiful. That might have been more uncomfortable than taking pictures. I found it hard to say how I do beautiful.

Reality Bomb!

A few days before the pictures I was at church with a group of my close girlfriends and I was telling them how stressed I was about the pictures and about how to express how I do beautiful. It just seems weird to talk about yourself that way. One of my honest and hilarious friends threw a humble pie right in my face. She look at me with a grin and said “Oh you mean like you had us do for your True Beauty post, except you actually get to wear makeup and fancy clothes.”. Thank you Amber and I truly mean that.

Point taken.
Vanity in check.

I went home, wrote how I think I do beautiful  then stood in front of the mirror and reminded myself that my worth and value do not come from the reflection in the mirror but from the reflection of my heart and God’s amazing love for me.

I am honored that Evolve Boutique and Savvy Media marketing chose me to represent them. I am thankful that they looked at a curvy, fluffy mother of five and decided that it’s what beautiful looks like to them. Evolve carries beautiful clothes that allow women to be stylish yet modest and I’m all about dressing modest. Their goal is to enhance the beauty you already posses inside. Expose The Heart photography did an amazing job helping me look and feel feminine and beautiful and I think we can all agree that proper lighting doesn’t hurt a girls confidence. . But honestly, aside from all that silly earthly stuff, this entire experience humbled me and made me even more grateful that God has a plan for us and that He will put us through test so we have a testimony, give us a mess so we will have a message and give us the gift to be His hands and feet.

Visit Evolve Boutique Blog to see their Be Beautiful, Do Beautiful campaign.


I got to sit down with Erin from Savvy Media Marketing and Victoria, the owner of Evolve, and we talked about what makes someone beautiful. We talked about how having a special needs child has impacted my family’s life and how we know that it is easily one of the greatest gifts God has ever given us. We talked about forgiveness and we talked about God.
In our conversation I mentioned to Victoria how brave it was of her to put scripture on her company website, not because I think  she should hide it, I am proud of her. It is simply a bold move by a business owner to post her religious beliefs on her company page knowing that it might lose a few customers. She responded with amazing grace. She said that the store was an act of obedience to God on her part and if she didn’t put God in the center then it simple wouldn’t be anything.

God is good and days like today are a reminder that He makes good people.

Victoria has decided to donate some of the proceeds from her online sales to the Autism Community Network in our family’s honor. This makes my heart want to leap from my chest. Please visit her at Evolve and not only grab something classy and modest for you or a loved one but help support autism awareness at the same time.

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