Someday, I want to be a Misshinnary

Our sweet 2nd grader came home from school yesterday with her All About Me poster.  It was divided into section with different questions and the kids had the freedom to fill it in any way they wanted. Our daughter drew herself in what I’m assuming is a lab coat and told anyone who would view her poster that one day she is going to be a “Misshinnary”. After hugging her and telling her how proud I am of her ,she shyly asked if she spelled missionary wrong. One of her triplet sisters chimed in and told her that it didn’t matter how she spelled it, Jesus knows what she meant.

Can I get an amen.

No matter how we struggle with trying to be who we want to become, Jesus always knows what is truly on our hearts.

1925119_10152750864761007_1701714348619977410_n - Edited

This little girl has the most compassionate heart and I know that one day she will diligently do God’s work for those in need.  Everyday she makes an effort to be the hands and feet of Christ.

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