God is in our schools.

Today at a public school a teacher slipped a piece of paper to a child without anyone noticing. The piece of paper had a bible verse written on it and she whispered to the child to look it up. That child’s face has been hurried in her bible since she got home. God is still in our schools and this mama is thankful. The devil can’t have my children and God makes sure of that. Sit down devil because there are angels amoung us and some of my favorites are in the form of teachers.

2 thoughts on “God is in our schools.

  1. My Lord was certainly in my last public school. We Christians knew our “legal line” and encouraged our children to learn “the other side of the story.” For instance, I would ask children why we celebrate Christmas and don’t tell me about Santa Claus. After receiving their suggestions, I then explained the historical reason for the celebration. Yes, God is in some classrooms and His children are there as students, too.

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