Continued prayers and support for The Boones.

Thank you for all of the prayers that you have poured out on our friend Collis and his family. Please continue to support the Boones through prayer and if you are able and lead to do so please support them with a donation. We serve an amazing God and we pray that his name is glorified through this trial.

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On August 21st, our friend Collis Boone went to work the night shift as a San Antonio police officer. During his shift, Collis collasped while talking with a fellow officer. By the grace of God, a doctor was walking by at that very moment and immediately started CPR.  Collis was then taken by ambulance to the hospital and put on life support. His wife Barbara was awakened by fellow San Antonio police officers and taken to the hospital.

After 26 hours of waiting and praying, Collis was slowly taken off of the venilator and started breathing on his own. The following morning, Collis was awake and able to communicate with his friends and family. His doctor reported that Collis had suffered a “sudden cardiac death,” and had it not been for that random doctor who passed by at that exact moment and started CPR, Collis would not be with us today.

While we rejoice in God’s amazing love and devotion to us, we also know that the Boone family has a long road ahead of them. Collis will have to undergo heart surgery and remain in the hospital until he is fully recovered. Collis and Barbara are the proud parents of two children, ages 14 and 7. Barbara is a high school teacher and scheduled to return to work on the 25th, but due to circumstances, we don’t know realistically when she will be able to return.

Please help us love on the Boone family during this time with prayers, and also with financial support, if you are able and led to do so. The Boones are a family of faith and have a love for the Lord that cannot be measured. Many of you may know the Boones, as they are active in the church, and have taught Sunday school and AWANAS for several years. We are asking for help so that we can care for our brother and sister in Christ.  “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

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