A Hefty Prayer Request

Please take a minute to read about this precious family and their need for prayers. She is the little sister of one of our friends. The most valuable thing that you can do for them is pray but if you are in a financial position to donate to them and God places it in your heart please give what you can. God hears our prayers so let them flow.

Click here to read their story.






“Friends of Erin “Moran” and Travis Shaw,

I received a pretty tough call today from my best friend Travis Shaw. He didn’t sound like himself and I could tell something was wrong almost immediately.
A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Travis and talked about getting together sometime this summer. Travis mentioned Erin wasn’t feeling well and that this pregnancy was getting the best of her. She was having chronic migraines and was extremely tired all the time.
Well last week things took a turn for the worst. Erin had been extremely tired and throwing up a lot and she chalked it up as another pregnancy ailment. Then she started forgetting things she would never normally forget, like buying the wrong size pampers and forgetting to bring Kelley a bottle after just leaving the room to get him one. Travis realized something was wrong when he was doing some work on the their house, and although Erin was home, she wasn’t up to watching their son Kelley. Travis took Kelley to his Mom’s house for the day and when he returned Erin couldn’t get up to say hello or kiss their son. He knew something horrible was wrong if she couldn’t even acknowledge her son after not seeing him all day. He immediately noticed the vomiting had gotten worse when he returned home and that Erin had actually thrown up on herself.
Travis had to carry Erin to the car and into the ER…….”

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