Our Bitter Sweet Father’s Day

Fathers Day is bitter-sweet in our home this year.  We lost my heart dad  on 1/20/2014 and we lost my father in law on 5/5/2014.  Our children no longer have their Papa’s here on earth.

We’re blessed because we know that we have gained protection over us in the form of mighty angels. We know that our children are never alone and that two Papas follow them wherever they go.

We watch our son talk to his Papa, my daddy, while we rock him in my dad’s old recliner. He smiles and coos and I know without a doubt that my dad is standing behind me making faces at his little name sake.

I know that my biological dad, who I lost on 12/5/2011 is in heaven doing his best to be the father and grandpa he couldn’t be while here on earth. Maybe God is letting him be our protector now.  I pray that he watches me be a mom and wife  and hope that he is finally proud of me.

But there is a sweet side to today. It’s my husbands first Father’s Day with his baby boy. He gets to wake up today and have more love poured over him than he ever imagined. Our little girls spent hours making him cards yesterday and even though our son has no idea what today is he will still light up the moment my husband comes into the room.  God has granted us blessings that we simple do not deserve but give thanks for daily.  The blessing of my children having a daddy who adores them, is their spiritual leader and is fully present in their lives is not lost on me.  I am humbled by it every hour.  Happy Father’s Day to my husband. May his day be filled with God, sports and the chatter of his children.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, stepdads, uncles, grandpas and to the single moms who fill in as dad in their children’s lives.


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3 thoughts on “Our Bitter Sweet Father’s Day

  1. Candace, that is awesome about it being your son’s first Father’s Day with his Daddy! That m makes it so special! I let my 16 year old son go fishing last evening with his dad which is something that is tightly bonding them together. I wish that my son and my father had had the opportunity to fish together in the past 5 years, but it never came up. And, Dad died in February of this year. I’d like to think that he’s looking down on me protecting us. My husband’s been an awesome father to our son throughout the years!

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