Kindness Creates A Wave.

bellas blessing bags 123

When my 7-year-old daughter decided to start her own ministry to help the homeless I thought it was going to be a huge lesson for her.
We gave her the responsibility of collecting items, make t-shirt bags and delivering them to our homeless community.
We just figured it would be this little thing that she would do as part of serving our community.
We thought she would spend her allowance and tooth fairy money on a few items and we would pass them out.

I had no idea the impact it would have on everyone else.

She was chosen as the outstanding student for our district and had an article written about her in our district paper. I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it.

They did.

We’ve had letters come in the mail thanking her.
We’ve had people send her money, checks and gift card.
We’ve had a business hold a benefit night for her ministry.
My email has been flooded with people who want to help.
Her teachers and principle have handed over bags of donations and she received a leadership award at school.

All of this because a little girl has a Jesus heart and wants to give what she has to someone who doesn’t have it.

She didn’t expect anything from anyone else when she decided to do it.
She didn’t know that she was doing something special.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting strangers, who have now become friends, and collecting donations all over our city. The best part is that I get to take my kids with me and show them how good people are. I get to show my girls that people are generous and loving and willing to sacrifice what they have so that others can be blessed.

Every time we go to collect a donation the girls always get a special treat. The great grandma who collected a grocery bag full of toiletries gave them each a bag of homemade cookies when we stopped by her house. Bahama Bucks gave them each a t-shirt and sno-cone. Today we went to Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. to collect the very generous donations that they collected and not only did they carry the donations to my car and give me hugs but they also made sure each girl got a fun stress ball and I got a coffee mug.

I thought my daughter was going to bless the homeless, and she will, but my family has been blessed in a way I never saw coming. We have seen generosity and love in places I’ve never been. We’ve gotten hugs and love from strangers and amazing support from family and friends.

I’ve learned a lesson from my little 7-year-old daughter.

A small act of compassion and love can change a bigger piece of the world than you ever imagined. A small act of generosity can open up new friendships and bring smiles bigger than you’ve ever seen.

A smiles goes a mile. Compassion can change someones day. Kindness can melt a hardened heart.

You can do one small act right now that will change the course of someones day.

One small act.
Just one.
One smile.
One hug.
One “I love you”,
Will change someones entire day.
One small act.
Just one.

Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father give us the heart that you have given Bella. Help us to show compassion and generosity in the ways that I have had the privilege to see over the past few months.  Remind us that it is better to give than receive and that we are abundantly blessed by blessing others. In Jesus sweet name, amen.

I wish that I could personally thank each of you that have given to help Bella succeeded in her mission to bless the homeless. Please know that we have prayed for each of you and that we are extremely thankful for the love that you have poured over our family. God bless.