Push My Glasses Up.

trips bday

When they wheeled me in to the room my body was shaking so hard that it might have registered on the Richter scale. I was terrified.

There were three incubators with three nurses at each one. My doctor and his brother, who is also a doctor, stood by the bed and each had two nurses shadowing their every move.

The anesthesiologist stood ready to impale me with her sword. Okay that’s a little exaggerated but I promise that’s what it looked like from where I was.

The room was a sneaky cat, a peanut butter cheeseburger and alien away from a Twilight Zone episode.

I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself but the thought of them cutting me open and pulling three 5 1/2 lb babies from the safety of my body was more than I could take.

Within minutes I was numb. The nurse said “Did you know that he already started?” I snapped back at her “I don’t want to know what’s going on!”

Yikes lady.

In the middle for the chaos of two doctors trying to safely deliver our triplets, my doctor peeked over the blue sheet, looked at me and said “Hey Candice, push my glasses up on my face, they’re falling down.”

This crazy old doctor delivered me, our oldest daughter and was in the middle of delivering our triplets so I trusted him completely but seriously…fix your glasses in the middle of my c-section?? He’s lost it!

A nurse hurried over and tried to do it for him but he pulled back and said “I want Candice to fix my glasses for me.”

Reluctantly I raised my hand to his face and gave a little shove on his glasses. He smiled, began to whistled and went back to pulling babies from my trembling body.

He just wanted me to pause, take a minute to realize he was in complete control and to trust that he was going to take care of me and our babies. He wanted to assure me that even in this crazy moment I was okay and when it was all over he would put me back together and my life would be better and more fulfilled than when he started to take me apart.

It only took him 4 minutes from the time her got the first one out to the time he got the last one out. His whistling started up again as he began to stitch me up.

We enter times in our lives that make our body tremble and we fear what is head of us. We can’t have peace in the moment because we are too worried about what might happen. We look around at the chaos that surrounds us and we’re sure that we will never make it out alive.

We snap at those who are trying to help, we push away the healing hands.
Our fear consumes us and our faith leaves us.

If we could just stop in those moments, peek over the curtain we have carefully put up to separate us from the One who is there to protect us ,we would be able to stay calm in the storm.

God doesn’t leave us in the in the middle of the mess. He takes us apart so that He can change us, change our lives and put us back together even better than we were before.

If we can remain faithful while He is reconstructing us we will be rewarded in ways that we could never imagine.

If you are in the eye of the storm peek over the curtain and see that your Father is busy at work making sure that you are safe and that your life will reflect His good works.

Let’s Pray

Faithful Father thank you for never leaving us and carrying us in our times of need. Help us to remain calm and safe as you work in our lives. When we are trembling in fear gently place your hand on our hearts and remind us that You are a loving Father, our Protector, our Redeemer. Let us rest in You. In Jesus name, amen.

We just celebrated our triplets 7th birthday this weekend. They were covered in love by our family and friends. My husband and I talked about how crazy and blessed our lives have been since they were born but many many times over the last 7 years, in the middle of the chaos we have had to turn to the other one, smile and say “Hey Honey, push my glasses up on my face, they’re falling down.”

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