Chicken What?

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Last week as I softly woke each girl up to get ready for school I gently peeled back Myleigh’s comforter to discover that she was covered in spots.

After completely freaking out that we had been invaded with fleas or mosquitoes or some killer flying insect that was feeding on my child, we realized that she had the chicken pox.

I thought the chicken pox went extinct back in the 80’s but apparently they still quietly linger around searching out small little victims.

My poor little girl looked like she had been in a paintball gun war… and lost.

We crossed our fingers and said our prayers that the two other triplets, who share everything with her, would not fall victim as well. We also prayed that mommy, daddy, sissy and baby would be safe and pox free through all of it.

We won.
Pox lost.

While all the other girls went to school my husband and I stayed home to take care of our little girl who was covered in whelps. We bathed her in oatmeal, covered her in calamine lotion and gave her the chicken pox medicine handed out by the doctor.

She thanked us each time.

If it had to happen to one of our children then we would have picked her. Sad to say but she is the most passive, kind-hearted child I have ever known and never complained once.

As a matter of fact, she gave thanks and praised God the entire time.

After my sister, her Tia, dropped off a bag of goodies for her she turned to me and said “Mommy, thank you for Tia.”.
When we bathed her in oatmeal she said “Thank you for taking care of me.”
When we covered her in calamine lotion she said “Thank you for getting your hands messy so that I don’t itch.”
When she got a get well package in the mail from her grandma she said “This is the best day of my life.”

It started to pour down rain while we were stuck at home and she asked me to go sit on our porch and watch the rain, one of our favorite things to do. As we were sitting there, her covered in bumps and me as tired as they come, she looked out to our yard and said “Mommy, can’t you just see the beauty.”

I could see it, not in the rain but in the heart of my child.

What if we could give praise through the pox?
What if we could give thanks through the pain?
What if we could see the cure and not the diagnosis?
What if we could apologize for someones dirty hands while we get relief?
What if we could sit covered in our sores, sitting in the pouring rain and say “Can’t you just see the beauty?”.

Today I’m going to use Myleigh’s eyes to see the world. I’m going to use her heart to communicate with others. I’m going to use her smile to face my troubles.

Today I will give praise through the pain and see the beauty in the rain.

Let’s Pray

Merciful Father thank you for the beauty behind the pain. Show us how to keep our eyes focused on you and all the blessings that are poured over us daily. Give us Your eyes. In Jesus name, amen.

The only time Myleigh ever complained is when she missed her sisters. Several times throughout the day she would ask if it was time to pick them up. It made me extremely thankful that even though she has spent ever moment of her life with them since conception, she stills wants to be right next to them every day.

8 thoughts on “Chicken What?

  1. Really! Did your child get any vaccinations? You put her and her siblings I danger. Responsible parents get their children vaccinations. If you haven’t it is not too late, get on it. I go to church, believe in God, but I have great comfort knowing my child will never die of certain diseases because I did the right thing for her and those around her. Be proactive.

    • Thank you for your concern Renee. All my children have gotten there vaccines and are all up to date on them. Unfortunately they can still get the chicken pox. I wish that I could protect my children against any illness but no matter how proactive we are they are still going to get sick at some point. I have not set my children up to die but thank you for the derogatory comment implying that I haven’t taken care of my children. I think you might have missed the point of the post.

    • why would you assume that she didn’t get her children vaccinations from this post? the post is about seeing the beauty in everything, being thankful even in a bad situation. from that you decide to make a judgement call on her parenting? renee, that says a lot more about you than about candice. her choices as a mother are really none of your business, but thanks. i guess believing in god and going to church gives you the right to point fingers. he who casts the first stone…

      • I am soo confused on why people would come off this way on someone’s blog about their own children. Of course they have taken care of their children. You just assume that they can’t get something after a vaccine? Well looky here you can! Some people appall me! Very frustrating.

  2. Oh dear… I shouldn’t say anything but I just cannot resist. Renee, from your suggestion to “be proactive” it seems like you may be familiar with the 7 Habits. Thus, may I suggest reviewing habit #5 – seek first to understand, then to be understood. We are teaching in next week in my kindergarten class. Candice is easily one of the most amazing mothers I know and sets an incredible example for first time mamas, like me, to follow. I am sure your intentions were to be helpful, but please think before you post. Otherwise, you risk looking a bit silly!

  3. Your children may not die from “certain diseases” but I’m sure you really make them sick if they have to sit and listen to their ignorant mother all day long. REALLY!!!

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