Teach Me How To Steal

Heavenly Father help me steal time today

Help me steal 5 extra minutes with this warm cup of coffee before the rest of the house gets up.
When we are rushing about our morning help me steal a special moment with each one of my girls.
Let me slow down, not hurry and when I am brushing each girls hair let me steal a moment to smell their sweet scent.
Remind me to steal glances with my husband, the ones that remind us that we are a team and still in love. We may bend but we will not break.
Give me time today to steal with You and not just moments of desperation when I beg You for something but valuable time between a daughter and Father.
Give me time with the teenager who is growing so fast, give me more years to have her just be my little girl.
Help me steal a few minutes for myself, to revive and regenerate.
Remind me to steal time for the little moments, the ones I will never get back. Teach me to savor each laugh, tear and word spoken from the ones I love.
Don’t let me waste another precious moment.

Heavenly Father help me steal time today.

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