More like Justin


“Mommy I want the Smurfette toy from McDonald’s.”
She said it no less than 50 times a day for the last  week.

Our little girl has autism, she has it by the throat and is the boss of it but she still has it. Once she has something stuck in her head we will hear about it all day, every day until she gets some sort of relief from it.

Last week it was the new Smurf toys from McDonald’s. I would like to thank clever advertising for getting it stuck in her head.

She was so set on getting us to take her there that she printed a picture of Smurfette and taped it on to a straw. She used it like a picket sign and took it everywhere with her.

She came into our room waving it high in the air with a huge smile on her face.

I caved.

When we got to the counter at McDonald’s she was still waving her sign in the air at the lady taking our order. I smiled like it was totally normal.
The lady smiled at me and said “You’re in luck, we have Smurfette.”

I could have jumped over the counter and give her a bear hug… I refrained.

Justin sat at the table holding her sign and her new Smurfette and munched quietly on her apples.

She was completely at peace.

And so was I.

I want to have her passion and her faith.
I want to relentlessly pursue what I am most committed to.
I want to picket for Jesus the way she did for Smurfette.

I want to have that kind of unending strength to spread the word about my Savior and to not waver from it for a single moment.

I want to be more like Justin and less like me.

Will you sit quietly by or will you print your picture of Jesus and tape it to a straw?

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