A Thousand Pictures

one thousand pics

My husband and I let our girls hang whatever they want all over our walls. We have random drawings and notes everywhere. I promise that we go through a roll of tape at least every week.

They have free reign in their rooms.

The triplets have countless pieces of paper on their walls, dressers and beds. They are also free to write on the walls, not because we thought it was a good idea to begin with but because we gave in and decided it wasn’t hurting anything by letting them be creative. My autistic daughter’s bed is tucked in the corner and both walls have drawings and writing all over them. She writes on them when her sisters fall asleep and she can’t.

She wrote her numbers 1 through 10 and the alphabet on there so at least she’s doing some school work, right?

I leave my oldest daughter prayer cards in random places each day. Sometimes I stick them in her school books and sometimes on her bathroom mirror. She tapes every single one of them up in her room. I also write on her mirrors with dry erase markers and she refuses to wipe it off. Her room is a little out of hand.

On the outside of the triplets door is a note that Justin wrote to their big sissy, it reads “Stiles, go to your own room today”. It’s funny and I’m not taking it down.

On the inside of our bedroom door is a picture of a prince and princess with hearts around them. It’s me and my husband and I don’t even know which triplet drew it. We will never take it down. I don’t care if we host a party for the president, that picture is not coming down. It is an example of how our girls view our marriage and tells me that maybe we are doing something right…maybe.

It makes our house feel lived in and filled with love. We simply want them to put up the things that they drew and that make them happy. My husband and I also love to see all their ideas be put on paper and displayed for us to see. They are only going to be this little for a short time and we choose to let go and enjoy every minute of it.

There will be time to paint the walls when they are grown and we can always take the papers down. We are taking our time and watching them grow and be simple, beautiful little gifts for the Lord.

I imagine that God’s house is filled with all of the beautiful things His children make for Him.

One wall probably holds the countless picture of mommy’s and daddy’s holding their new baby and giving Him thanks. Another wall holds a bazillion college diplomas, not one with my name on it but I have an award for “Wittiest” that I got my Senior year, maybe He hung that up.

I wonder how many adoption certificate hang in His house. They probably hang under a wooden sign with Isaiah 1:17 burned into it. “Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.”

When you work to glorify Him and let Him shine through you so brightly that others can’t help but to stare, He wants to put those moments all over His house. He wants to be reminded of what a wonderful and faithful child you are. He wants to see your creations and good works.

Maybe there’s a wall of drawings from His children. Pictures of How we see Him. Maybe He was dressed like a king in those pictures or maybe a lion. Who knows, maybe her has the numbers 1 through 10 and the alphabet writing next to his throne.

He will never take them down.

Make Beautiful Art For The Lord

I want to get to heaven and realize that God has been hanging my pictures all over His walls. I want to work every day, no matter what I am doing, in a way that glorifies Him and makes Him proud of me. I want Jesus to put His arm around me and take me to see everything that I have done for Him is plastered all over His walls.

Will you create a beautiful picture for Christ today? Will you work diligently for Him or did you just get through the day? Is your life reflecting the joy of faithfulness for our Lord?

It’s so hard to get caught in the rat race of life and forget why we are truly here. Take it back today. No matter what you are headed out to do today do it for the Lord.

Let’s Pray

“Sweet Father thank you for taking pride in us as your children. Help us to constantly remember that we are here to do Your good works and to be Your hands and feet. Help us to create beautiful pictures for You to hang in your house. We when get stuck in the tornado of life gently redirect us. Guide us to the things that You put us here for and not the things that we think we are here for. In Jesus name, amen,”

The girls leave notes on our desks all the time. Justin got mad at my husband the other day and left a note on his desk that read “Dad you are fired”. I’m definitely keeping that one up

2 thoughts on “A Thousand Pictures

  1. Thank you for, yet again, a great start to my day! My kids have their artwork up in their rooms too. I will look at it differently from here on out. 🙂

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