Bella’s Blessing Bags


Excuse me while I brag about my daughter.

After our growing concern over our youngest triplets obsession with money, we had a talk with her about her intentions with the money she was stashing away.

She climbed up on to our bed and shook her coin purse. “Mommy, I have 45 quarters!”

Like any good parent I asked her if she was saving it to buy me a new house.

“No, I’m saving it for important things like food and shelter for the homeless.”

Well punch me in the gut why don’t you.

We spent all weekend planning her new little charity sweetly named Bella’s Blessing Bags. She is cutting up old t-shirts (with help from mommy and daddy) and making bags, scarves and headbands. She will be selling the headbands and scarves to raise money to buy necessities (soap, deodorant,toothbrushes, water bottles, etc) to put in the t-shirts bags and give to the homeless.

At her age all I wanted to do was play Barbie and prance her around in her mansion.

I am so proud of all of my daughters and their servant hearts. I am proud that they put God first and that they have a focus on being His hands and feet.

Please say a prayer for my little Bella who is pouring her heart out for the broken.

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