Must Love The Chipmunks


After weeks of begging us to take them to the movies we finally gave in…because we had free passes.

Luckily we didn’t have to all agree on one movie. There was only one family movie playing so there would be no fighting, I mean discussing what we would watch.

After filtering the concession stand orders and narrowing it down from their 327 requests we ended up with a large popcorn and a drink. We pretended to love sharing.

Then it caught their eyes.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore larger than life just standing there waiting to be attacked by a set of six year old triplets. I had to stop them from throwing their bucket of popcorn as they ran to take a picture.

Without instruction they each went and struck a pose next to the chipmunks.

You would have to know these three little girl to know how fitting it was that they each stood next to the chipmunk that most represented their personalities.

Bella is smart, silly smart. She has perfect manners and can charm anyone. She’s also a big cry baby and if you so much as look at her wrong she will be brought to tears. It drives me nuts but I love her anyways.
She’s my Simon.

Myleigh is quiet and shy with a heart that is filled with more love and compassion than the rest of my family put together. She freely preaches the good news of Jesus wherever she goes. She also can tell a fib without blinking, She will make up an elaborate story that never happened and convince everyone it’s true. She stretches the truth but I love her anyways.
She’s my Theodore.

Justin is, well Justin. She get’s into mischief without really meaning to. She’s slightly louder than everyone  and doesn’t mind going against the grain. She doesn’t want to be like anyone else. She also doesn’t have a filter from her brain to her mouth and says all the things that we are thinking but know better than to say out loud. She completely different from anyone I’ve ever known but I love her anyways.
She’s my Alvin.

I love all five of our daughters. I love them for all the ways that are perfect and I love them for all the ways they are not perfect.
I accept them exactly the way they are.

I want to be able to that with everyone in my life. I want to learn how to accept everyone for all the ways that they are perfect and love them for all the ways they are flawed. I want to be able to see them through God’s eyes.

We were created by the loving hands of our heavenly Father but we were not created to be the same. He hand crafted us. We are uniquely and wonderfully made.

Every flaw that we think we have is part of God’s work.
Every quirk that makes us different is part of God’s work.
Every mistake we’ve made is part of God’s plan.

What if we all learned to love each other and accept each other for who God created us to be. What if we accepted each others differences and cheered for each others perfections. What if we didn’t try to change each other to fit into what we think is normal and embraced our uniqueness instead.

What if we stopped looking at each other through earthly eyes and started looking at each other through God’s eyes.

What if we forgave each other for the things that we felted wronged by, let it go completely and never brought it up again.

What is we put ourselves second and God first, no matter what.

What if we completely embraced that some of us are Simon, some of us are Theodore and a handful of us are Alvin.

The motto for today is “Must Love The Chipmunks!”

Try it. You’ll smile all day. When we accept and love the Chipmunks life seems to get a little lighter.

Let’s Pray

Father thank you for creating each one of us with your loving hands. We are amazed with the care you took in every detail you carefully crafted. Thank you for the things that we view as flaws, how boring would it be if we were all alike. Give us your eyes Father and teach us how to love the Chipmunks.

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