Prayer request

I have a slightly selfish prayer request. I will be on a conference call in the morning for an hour and a half to better prepare my book proposal for the She Speaks conference next moth. Please God give me listening ears. Please pray that the two publishing companies I will be meeting with are crazy enough to get where I come from. Please pray that God gives me the words to put down on paper and that they only come from Him. There’s no way God put all these amazing people in my path to opening doors for me that I could have never opened myself if He didn’t have something really cool planned. Thanks for all of the support sweet friends.

she speaks

3 thoughts on “Prayer request

  1. Yay. Please update me! I’m so excited for you

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  2. I am right there with you sister I read that email and wept, that 20 page book proposal makes me feel so inept but I know that God has a plan for both of us. You are In my prays Sister I look forward to meeting you next month. God is Good and It is for his Glorying.

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