Seasons come and go. What counts is how you choose to get through yours and help others through theirs.


Saturday morning my alarm went off at 3am and I couldn’t decide if I should shake my phone to prompt the snooze or do a math problem to turn it off completely. I mean seriously, it’s not natural for humans to be awake that early.

Through my foggy mind I remember why we were getting up so early and I shot out of bed. My coffee couldn’t brew fast enough and after waiting the entire 45 seconds for it to brew I grabbed my mug and sat down at my desk.

I quickly skimmed through my emails, chugged two cups of coffee and then went to wake my husband so he could join me. He’s a gentle giant and woke up without even a grumble.

We were on the road by 4:15, wide awake and full of anticipation.

After a few short hours and racing hearts we finally got to wrap our arms around him.

Our brother.
His brother.
My brother-in-law.

For the first time all three of us got to sit together for hours and make our plans.

We talked about forgiveness.
We talked about letting go.
We talk about moving forward.

Then we talked about our girls.

Our brother finally gets to watch his nieces play. I bet he’ll sit for hours on our porch and soak up every laugh and every “watch this”. One little girl that he’ll watch shares his name. She calls him Uncle Me.

With an exterior as tough as stones, he will melt at the very sight of them. He reminded us that one of the best days of his last 20 years was getting the news that his triplets nieces had been born. He’s carried a stack of pictures of them around for the last 6 years.

We never thought this day would come.
But God has plans that out weigh ours in a way that we will never be able to understand.

Our lives are full of different seasons.

Some come in like a lion and viciously tear us down.

We think we’ll never break free.
Never be forgiven.
Never forgive.
Never find redemption.
Never heal.
Never recover.

But our lives are full of different seasons.

The hard winter snow will melt away and the flowers of spring will bloom.

We will be restored.
We will be forgiven.
We will forgive.
We will recover.
We will move forward.
We will be free.

One day we’ll look in the rear view mirror and see that God carries us through it all, every season of our lives.

He didn’t promise a life without trials and some of us will go through things that others couldn’t imagine but in the end we are all just trying to make it through and maybe, just maybe, come out a better person than when we went in.

Instead of judging each another’s actions we would be braver to seek the season they are in. We would be closer to God if we reached out a helping hand. We would be lighter if we we’re strong enough to let go. We would be free if we learned how to truly forgive.

Let’s pray

Merciful Father forgive us when we forget to extend our had and be Your feet. Forgive us when we judge before we know. Kick us off of our pedestal when we place ourselves above others. Remind us that we are all in a different season and when the flowers are blooming for us it may be storming on those around us. Open our eyes. Fill our hearts. Give us ears to hear prayers. In Jesus name, amen.

Our brother joked with us because we insisted on our daughters saying sir and ma’am. He made it very clear that he never wants his nieces to call him anything but Uncle Me.

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