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“Mommy, do you have an extra ponytail holder?”

She grabbed it off of my nightstand and ran to her room. I never know what she’s up to or what new world she has entered.

Justin marches to the beat of her own drum.


She marched into our room a few minutes later with the clanking of two bowls tied to her feet by ponytail holders. The makeshift bandage she taped to her own leg with scotch tape only added to the oddness.

Even though she is an identical twin out of a set of triplets, there is simply no one like her.

When her class breaks for recess she goes to an area where she can be alone and dances to an imaginary audience. Her teacher thinks that there’s a top hat involved in the routine but you just can’t know for sure.

While all the other kids gather together to play games, Justin retreats to a room by herself and most of the time seems happier than the kids playing games.

There’s no doubt that she will get made fun of and teased throughout her school years but I don’t think that she’ll ever care.

She likes being Justin. She comfortable in the person God made her to be.

She’s a loner.
A rebel.

I wish I could be more like her.

God created each of us with great care and deep thought. He knitted each of us together in our mothers womb.

He took time to make us unique and special.

He mapped out a path for us before we could even open our eyes to see it.
He knew the trials we would face before we knew how to express our emotions.
He gave us our strengths before we knew how to use them.

He goes before us.

I want to be exactly who God created me to be, even if it means being completely different from the masses.
I want to freely wear my heart on my sleeve, even if it means risking getting hurt.
I want to follow His path for my life, even if it means letting go of my own dreams to surrender to His will.

I want to tie plastic bowls to my feet with ponytail holders and walk around as if I had a pair of high fashion heels on.

You were made to stand out.

Be the you that God created you to be.
Be fearless in His grace.
Be courageous in the title of His child.
Be bold and brave.
Be honest and kind.
Be you and only ever be you.

Rock the plastic bowls today.

Let’s pray

Loving Father thank you for taking the time to create me to be like no one else. Show me how to live fully for you and to not let my fears hold me back from being true to you. If you designed me to dance alone in front of an imaginary audience then give me the courage to dance my heart out. In Jesus name, amen.

Justin was labeled years ago as autistic but she doesn’t have time to carry that label around with her.  We can put her in special classes, whisper her diagnosis and try to categorize her but none of those things will ever define her. She’s Justin and doesn’t want to be anyone else. She’s happy  being exactly who her heavenly Father created her to be and His label for her is Child Of The One True King.

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