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I wanted to burst into tears. My name wasn’t called again.

I was jealous of the other 5 year old that got to take the walk under the bridge.

Each week my kindergarten class would make two rows and face each other. We would hold hands and make a bridge for one of our classmates to walk under. As the chosen student of the week would walk under the bridge we would all say something nice to them.

Serious confidence booster!

Weeks passed and my name wasn’t called. My feelings were hurt and I went home and cried to my mom. I wanted so badly to walk under the bridge. My mom assured me that everyone would get a turn and I needed to practice patience.

I have no idea what the word patience means.

Finally my name was called…LAST!

I ran to the opening of the bridge and almost barreled through it but something told me to slow down and cherish the moment. I’ll never forget a little girl looked me in the eyes and said “You have a pretty smile”.

I believed her and have never forgotten the moment that she said it to me.

How could that simple sentence so many years ago still be so clear in my life?
I bet she has no memory of it at all.

I can remember our parents making sure that we were not to hurt other people’s feelings. I’m not saying that we didn’t but they were passionate about us being kind to our classmates and friends. They were grooming us for adulthood.

Are we doing the same?

I’ve noticed something lately and it’s devastating.

Kids on instagram have started playing a game called “Eliminate”. They post a picture that has 6 of their friends on it and then tell everyone to vote one of those friends off. As each friend gets voted off, the picture changes with the eliminated persons picture gone. In the end there is one friend left and that friend gets a “shout out”. Seriously.

That’s a terrible game and anyone who puts your picture up on the internet and invites their friends to judge you and eliminate you is not your friend.

I was shocked when I first saw it and immediately had a long talk with our oldest daughter about it. We talked about how it could really hurt someones feelings and how it was an unkind thing to do. She knows that there will be consequences if she chooses to join in on this game and the consequences won’t be fun. We don’t treat people who way in our home and she knows it.

We should be letting our friends walk under our bridge while we compliment them, not putting them on the chopping block like a chicken at the meat market.

Why are we sitting back and letting our younger generation become this?
Why would we condone this or even act like it’s cute.

We are supposed to be helping them grow into compassionate, kind and loving adults.
They don’t need us to be their best friends, the need us to be their mentors.

I can’t imagine lining up my dear friends and asking people to come judge them.  It’s actually quit the opposite when it comes to my relationship with my friends. We encourage each other, stick up for each other, support each other and never, ever bail on our friendship.

If a little 5 year old girl can hold on to one simple sentence for over 30 years can you imagine what the first kid to get eliminated is going to hold on to for the next 30 years?

We can do better than this.
We have to do better than this.
We have a choice in how we raise these young adults.
We have a choice in what we allow in their lives and how we allow them to treat others.

Let’s take our kids back.
Let’s teach them true compassion.
Let’s mold them to be kind and loving.

The devil loves when we look the other way. He loves when we try to be their best friends and let things slide so that they don’t get upset with us. He jumps with joy when we ignore whats going on so that we don’t have to face it.

But read this please.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Let’s raise up a generation that shows the world who God is.
Let’s raise up a generation that will only look down on someone when they are extending their hand to help them up.
Let’s raise up a generation that gives more and takes less.
Let’s raise up a generation that shows so much love you can’t help but to see the face of Jesus when you look at them.
Let’s raise a generation that builds a bridge of encouragement and only eliminates the devil.

Let’s Pray
Father teach us how to raise our children in a way that reflects your love. Help us to set examples for them that will help mold them into compassion and giving adults. When they are caught up in peer pressure gently lay your hands on then and show them how to build a bridge. In Jesus name, amen.

I couldn’t remember my kindergarten teachers name when I was 5  so my mom made up a song. “Ms.Mauwer takes a shower for an hour but she smells like a flower”. Sorry Ms.Mauwer, it had to be done. I can’t remember what I did yesterday but I can still remember that song!

One thought on “Insta-bridge

  1. You are so right, there are so many parents that are not teaching there children how to treat others. It starts at home! Not only do they treat there peers horrible but they treat there parents bad also.

    Parents how are you treating your kids? They learn from us.

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