Dirty Gutters?


A storm blew through our city a few nights ago. I had no idea and slept right through it.

In the morning when I checked facebook it was clear that I missed out on a pretty big lightning and thunder show. That upsets me a little because I love storms.

We have a skylight in our bedroom and one of my favorite things to do is snuggle with my husband and watch the lightning show through the skylight.

That night wasn’t so romantic and my husband probably fell asleep to the sound of me snoring over the thunder.

When we went out on the front porch to take the girls to school our rain gutter was hanging from the porch. The storm had ripped it right off of the house. It was dangling like a loose tooth and looked like it was going to fall at the slightest breeze.

Gutters serve a pretty good purpose but if left unattended for a while they will collect leaves and debris and suddenly instead of serving you they become a nightmare for you.

I prefer not to deal with those kind of things, you know because there’s dirt and sweat involved. So I watched the gutter dangle from our house as I backed out of the driveway and headed to work.

I went on about my day and tried to not think about that gutter. I subconsciously buried it deep so that I wouldn’t stress over it. I didn’t want to know what all would be involved with fixing it. We have a very old home and when something breaks you never know what you’ll uncover.

After work I creeped my car around the corner of our street waiting to see that dang gutter taunting me with its dangle. When I got to my driveway I notice that it was fixed.


My wonderful husband spent half the day ripping it down and cleaning it up.

He knows the desires of my heart and wants to fulfill them for me.

I didn’t have to ask, beg or bargain. I didn’t have to worry, stress or complain.

I just had to be still, have faith and pray.

I have countless gutters hanging from me every single day. They’re dirty and heavy and rip away from me leaving things uncovered that I never wanted anyone to see.

I tend to leave them unattended and they slowly fill with things that do not bring me closer to God. The more my gutters collect those things, the more I get weighed down and the more useless I become.

I drag them behind me throughout the day. I plead with God to take them away and clean them, fix them.

Repair them.
Restore them.
Revive them.

I’m not sure why I’m surprised each time that He does it.

I try to bury them deep enough that I don’t have to think about them or deal with them but I can hear the metal scraping behind me.

While I am consumed with the sound of the drag, the weight of the water-logged gutters and the stench of the dirt, God is silently working on them. I sometimes don’t take the time to notice and appreciate His work.

Then, all of a sudden, I creep around the corner and come face to face with the mirror and all those gutters have been ripped down and cleaned up. God has been diligently working for me, on me, while I consume myself in earthly things.

He knows the desires of my heart and wants to fulfill them for me. All I need to do is be still, have faith and pray.

Do you have gutters?
Are the dragging behind you, weighing you down?
Can you constantly hear the twisting of the metal?

Are the taking you away from your relationship with God?
Do you wish that someone would just fix them, clean them and restore them for you?

God’s way ahead of you. He’s been working His mighty hands day in and day out to help you. He wants you to fill your life with the things that are of Him and walk away from the things that do not bring you closer to Him.

He wants you to keep your gutters clean.

All you need to do is be still, have faith and pray.

Let’s pray

Heavenly Father remove the things in our lives that do not bring us closer to you. Clean out our gutters. We so easily let things come into our lives that shouldn’t be there. Help us to recognize those things and give us the strength to walk away from them. Help us to be less like us and more like your precious son. In Jesus name, amen.

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