Nice Try Autism.

letter to autsim 1

Dear Autism,

Nice try.

I bet you’re embarrassed.

You’re a no call no show.

Where were you when all those amazing women filled my house, ate food, shopped, mingled and loved on Justin? They weren’t there for you. They were there to support my family and families like us. You were the joke of the party.

Where were you when I opened the mail that day? That check from a dear friend wasn’t to support you, it was to support the fight against you. Next time someone like him picks a fight with you, you might want to come more prepared. My tears weren’t because of you, they were because my friends are amazing.

Where were you when people lined up outside that tattoo shop. You judged that young man who spent his day doing free puzzle piece tattoos. The rest of us didn’t. He spent his entire Saturday working for free just to do something nice for people who have to deal with you. He’s a better man who you could ever be.

Where were you when my facebook feed filled with videos, pictures and messages of encouragement for families like mine? I bet it was humiliating for you. My favorite was the video of the little girl who learned how to type because she couldn’t speak and guess what, she was smart. She was very smart.  She was also funny and kind. I’m assuming you didn’t plan on technology interfering with your plans for these kids. Jokes on you.

Where were you on the field trip when that amazing young woman lovingly held my little girl while trying to keep 80 other kindergartners together so that Justin wouldn’t be scared?
Where were you when her wonderful special ed teacher scrambled through her bag to find a pen and paper and make a make-shift schedule on the spot so that Justin wouldn’t have anxiety?
Where were you when her sister gave up her prize so that Justin wouldn’t be left out?
Where were you when the doctor high-fived her and let her play with the instruments so that Justin would relax?

You can’t keep up with my army of angels.
You’ll never catch my little girl.
You’ll fail.
You’ll be crushed.
You’ll be left far behind.

Can’t you see that she’s better than you, always has been always will be.

Autism Awareness month is over and the jokes been on you all month. While most people will move on and forget about you, I won’t.

I’ll be watching you.
I’ll be standing guard.
I’ll be planning and plotting against you.
I’ll be whispering in your ear to be afraid of me while I cheer loudly for my little girl.

Move on autism. You’re no good here.

A Mommy That Will Never Back Down.

P.S. See my little girl dancing her heart out on stage?  There’s not a single person in the audience and she doesn’t care. She is free. She is happy. She is Justin. Good luck competing with that.

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