My Prayer For You Tonight

My prayer for you tonight.

Heavenly Father thank you for the road. Sometimes it seems so long and as if it’s going no where. We get tired of walking and want to rest. Sometimes we are desperate to see where it leads. Help us to have faith that it is your road and that you have put us on it yourself. When we looked at the map it may not be the path that we chose and that’s okay we will put our faith in you. Guide us down your road and help us to understand that it’s not always about the end of the road but instead what we see along the way. Give us peace enough to look around. Show us the beauty of the path that we are on. Settle our hearts when we fear the road untraveled. You have gone before us. Father if there is anyone that has strayed from your road please gently help them to get back on. Help my brothers and sisters to sleep peacefully tonight without worry about tomorrow. You are in control, you go before us, let us rest in that. In Jesus name amen.

Goodnight friends.

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