Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

my bedtime prayer for you.

Sweet Father how amazing is Your grace and mercy. At the very moment when we are feeling like a shadow that no one wants to look is when you become a beam of hope. Help us to see ourselves the way that you see us. Remind us that we are the sun, not the shadow. We are your child, your creation and you want to fulfill the desires of our hearts. Show us how to accept that and know that we are worthy of it. You have given each of us our very own special gift, remind us to use it. Send us the people we need to help us accomplish the plan you have for us. Open doors wide enough for us to confidently walk through. Erase any doubt we have about ourselves and fill that space with the strength that can only come from being your child. Let us proudly boast that we are the child of the King of Kings, The Prince of Peace, The Almighty Savior and because of that truth we are worth more than precious jewels. In Jesus name, amen.

Chin up sweet friend, you belong to God. He has your name written in the palm of His hand and I can not imagine a greater honor. You are loved beyond anything we know or can understand. Embrace it, own it, show it off, you are worth it.

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