Pretty Little Package

la de da
I take these online surveys. It’s some panel that I joined and they ask a bunch of questions on kids toys. I have a lot of kids so I figured they needed my expert opinion.

At the end of each survey it always say “Thanks for participating. You have been entered in our random drawing to receive a box filled with $100 in toys. Good luck”.

I would love to give you the site to the surveys but if you joined then it would  lessen my chances of being that random winner. I’m stingy that way.

To be honest I never really thought that they actually picked a winner in those things and I’m positive that I would never be the winner.

Well guess what?

I was the randomly selected winner!

I received a very basic email informing me that I was the winner and they needed my info to mail the prize.

It sounded shady so I sent an email back. “Is this legit?”

“Yes, it’s legit and we do have a prize for you”.

Sweet. I sent off my info…6 weeks ago!

I had completely forgotten about the whole thing until I got home yesterday and there was a package on my doorstep. My husband asked what the heck I won this time. Ok confession, I win silly stuff like this all the time, it’s weird.

I tore open the box and saw 7 La De Da dolls, 5 puzzle games and a Random Facts board game that I’ve never seen before.

I let each one of my girls pick a prize out of the box and the rest are going to our W3 store night for our LTC youth group.

The triplets each picked a La De Da doll and came to us to get help opening the package. These dolls are super cute and posed perfectly in the box. Their hair is groomed and their shoes are strapped on tight. Even the packaging was adorable.

The boxes were ripped wide open

By the time we got home from our oldest daughters track meet last night the La De Da dolls looked that they had spent a night out at a club. We were down to only 2 shoes, no accessories and hair that looked like they stuck their fingers in the light socked.

I wanted to be upset, maybe a little disappointed at my daughters’ lack of concern for their appearance and loss of accessories.

Then it hit me.

That’s what the dolls are made for. They aren’t made to stay in that pretty little package. They are made to be played with, pulled on, messed with and spit on (yes, it happened).

It got me thinking.

I’ve approached my Christianity the same way.

When I first came to it I couldn’t believe that I was the winner.
I didn’t have to pay for it.
I didn’t have to earn it.
It was just there and I could have it if I wanted it.

I accepted it and I tore open the gift to find a pretty little package.

It was beautiful.
It had all the right accessories.
If you set it on the shelf and didn’t mess with it, it would never change. Never change. Never change.


I could smile and wave. I could hang with the saved. I could show up for pot luck. I could sit a little closer to the front during church. I could even teach the children about our Savior, the same children who grow up in the church and have Christian parents in their homes.

It’s not enough. I need to actually follow Jesus, not just know Him but to die to myself and live through Him.

So I’m ripping open that pretty little package.

I don’t want anyone to look at me, or know me, and say that I am a good Christian. I want them to know in their hearts that I am a follower of Christ and that my life is a reflection of Him and Him only.

I want out of the package. I want to lose my accessories. I want a head of hair that looks like I’ve been through war.

I want to tell people the truth about Christ, not the watered down version that makes it nice and pretty. When they walk away from me I want them to know that praying a prayer and knowing who Jesus is, is not enough. I want them to know that you must die to yourself and live your life the way 12 unlikely suspects did when Jesus said to them “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”.

I want to fish.
I want to lose my shoes and have blistered soles as a result of being His hands and feet.
I want Him to wreck my life in such a way that I lose all of my accessories.
I want to spend so much time with the widowed, fatherless, poor and forgotten that my appearance becomes unrecognizable and you can only see Jesus when you look at me.

I want to be free from the pretty little package.

Are you ready to rip open yours?

Let’s Pray

Loving Father thank you for the gift that you have given us. Teach us what it means in our lives when we fully accept it. Show us how to die to ourselves and live through you. Light a fire inside of us that only you can fuel. Rip open our pretty little packages. In Jesus name, amen.

My little girl Justin, who has autism, decided to try to pull our the ponytail holder on her doll. It got stuck half way down and if you know what autism can do then you know that this was not ok. I spent a full hour trying to get the plastic ponytail holder out of the dolls frizzy hair without cutting it. Next time all the dolls are going to go to our youth group

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